How to photograph transparent products as bottles ?

Bottles form part of our daily life. Everyday, we are faced with dozens of bottles for various usages. There are bottles of water, bottles of wine, bottles of milk, baby bottles, bottles of soft drinks, bottles of juices among others. The market of bottles is very vast and high quality visuals are needed to properly market bottled products. How to photograph transparent products?

Visuals of bottles for e-commerce

Bottles might consist of glass, plastic, aluminium, clay, porcelain among others. Glass containers, in particular, are difficult to shoot because of the reflections and cast shadows (glasses and sunglasses can have the same problem). Even professional photographers have many difficulties in producing the best photos for glass; they should cater for the adequate lighting, beware of reflections of the glasses among others. Visuals are mostly used in advertising, quality control, e-commerce among others.

PackshotCreator photo studios is the ideal solution for this problem. Being an automated photographic solution, the PackshotCreator is a digital photo studio that can be used in-house and is very intuitive. Moreover, by internally creating photos and animations of bottles, the production process is simplified as sublime bottle photos can instantly be produced at minimum costs.

360 & 3D Packshot animations

With the digital PackshotCreator workstation, high definition photos of bottles can easily be created and used for your e-commerce website. Cast shadows and reflections problems are solved as the photo studio is equipped with four symmetrical lightings that are similar to daylight conditions. With such sublime visuals of bottled products, you immediately grab the attention of your audience thus increasing the conversion rate.

However, in order to have a competitive edge, marketers should make use of the latest technologies in terms of visuals to better appeal to their target audiences. By using interactive animations such as the 360-degree animations and the 3D animations of their bottles, customers will benefit from a new online experience.

Online shopping becomes a real pleasure!

Become the photographer of your products

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