shoot pictures of dresses and then edit them easily

How to highlight each particularity of your products with Hotspots

Make your product visuals interactive with Hotspots

Still photos or 360° animations: add hotspots to each element you want to highlight on your visuals.

The software add points. The visitors can click on these points and read an explanatory text, observe an additional image or click on a URL link.

Let your visitors explore your visuals

Select a still photo or 360° animation of your product from the Orbitvu Station software. You then have the option to add markings, in the form of SVG circular dots, on any spot of your visual where you want to reveal key information.

The software allows you to choose between two types of points to import from its interface. If you want to import other types of points to respect your graphic charter, it is also possible.

Add to each Hotspot several types of information. Thus, the visitors click on one of the hotspots of a photograph: they observe, for example, a new photo showing the details of a fabric, the seams of a garment, the label of a bottle. You can also use the hotspot to write a text: dimensions or characteristics of a product, etc. Finally, add a URL to refer your visitors to additional information or a similar object.

How to add Hotspots to your products photography:

After placing your product, making pre-adjustments and shooting your 360° product animation, a window appears with different options: Retake, Edit, Add Hotspots, Thumbnails, and HTML preview. You can preview and retake your animation if needed, as well customize it.
Under this window:

1. Click Add Hotspots
2. The Hotspot workspace will instantly appears on your screen
3. Press Add +
4. Select the image(s) you want the Hotspot to be displayed
5. Customize and Save it


What is a hotspot?

A hotspot is a small button that can be added to a product photo or animation to provide more detail. Learn more.

How to add hotspots to a product animation?

The easiest way to add hotspots on a product animation will be to use a suitable product photography software. Which one?