How to create visuals of jewelry entirely sharp with transparent background?

Macro lens and white backgrounds are the most preferred tools in jewelry photography. Since most jewelry are small, using a macro lens will allow you to capture all tiny details of your pieces. At the same time, the white background will help to highlight their exclusive aspects such as colors, sparkles and designs, making your jewelry stand out on your e-commerce website. Although, when photographing items with macro lens, it’s more likely that some parts of the jewelry will be focused and some will be blurred. Besides, the reflective properties of your pieces will easily absorb light when trying to obtain a pure white background. This tutorial will show you how to avoid these two problems by shooting your product with automatically focus stacking (Hyperfocus) and background removal (AutoMask). create visuals of jewelry entirely sharp with transparent background    




PackshotCreator R3 Mark II
PackshotCreator software
Canon EOS 5DSR
100mm macro Lens


2 minutes
  • 1. Getting started
    Positioning a ring in the PackshotMacro photo studio

    Before placing and positioning your jewelry in the studio, make sure it is sparkling clean. To position, use the marks on the studio and the 9 positioning rulers available on the software.

    When your jewelry is well positioned, select 2D and then Hyperfocus (focus stacking) and AutoMask shooting modes on the software interface.

  • 2. Picking the right camera and light settings
    choose the ideal camera settings to create jewelry visuals with AutoMask

    Modify your camera settings by choosing a wide aperture and an ISO value between 200 to 500 for a better visual effect. Adjust the shutter speed for brightness.

    For the lighting, adjust each light source on the studio from 1 to 100% under the light control. When you get the desired result, save the settings and reuse them later.


    Note: For the AutoMask to work perfectly, the lighting needs to be adjusted to create a contrast between the background and your jewelry edges.

    Tips: For silver jewelry, leave a dark background.



  • 3. Adjusting the AutoMask setting
    Automask settings for jewelry photography

    Under AutoMask settings, click on new profile and then select the “reflective” preset.

    PackshotCreator advantage: natural shadow
    Orbitvu Station software gives you the advantage to keep a natural shadow on your jewelry photos when deleting its background. If you want to use it, under AutoMask settings, select apply shadow.

    Now, you are all set. Before pressing snap, make sure to focus you jewel.

  • 4. First step: Hyperfocus
    selecting the number of images for hyperfocus feature

    The first step is the Hyperfocus (focus stacking). Decide the increment (distance) of the different shots on your jewelry. The ideal increment for small rings is >>. Then, click on “next”.

    Now, select the number of photos to be taken using the focus peaking dots as a guide. Stop when the peaking dots cover your entire jewelry and press snap.


    Tip: The higher the aperture value of your camera, the more pictures you need to take.

  • 5. The automatic “stacking”
    automatically focus stacking of jewelry

    Now the software takes the selected number of pictures and automatically combines them into an individual photo with the product entirely sharp. Click “next” and another window will appear.

  • 6. Second step: AutoMask
    adjusting transparent mask for jewelry photos

    In this step, you were taken to adjust the transparent mask of your jewelry photo. With the left and right cursors, adjust the opacity of the transparent mask knowing that the white portion is going to be removed from the picture. When you get a perfect mask of your jewelry, click snap again and save the mask profile to be able to re-apply to other products of the same typology.

  • 7. The result
    photo of ring with automask on software interface

    Here is the final result: a photography of your jewelry completely sharp on a transparent background, the whole process done in 2 minutes.

    Simply save your photo in JPG format and a pure white will be automatically added to your jewelry photo’s background. To keep the transparent background, select PNG as the exporting format.



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