Which lens should be used to photograph jewelry, precious stones or watches?

Consider several criteria before choosing your camera lens, especially for the shooting or macro photography of jewels, precious stones, semi-precious stones or watches. This involves the details you wish to present, the complexity of a stone or more simply the diffusion media you use for your visuals.

  lens to use to photograph jewelry, precious stones or watches  




PackshotMacro DL photo studio
Canon 18-135 mm lens
Canon macro EF 100 mm lens
Sigma 105 mm lens


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  • 1. Is it possible to use a standard camera lens?
    Standard camera lens

    The standard 18-135mm lens is often supplied in kit form with entry-level DSLR cameras such as the Canon EOS 800D (expect to pay between 700 and 800 euros for the camera plus lens kit). If you’re photographing your jewelry for a low definition web display for a website, it will do the trick. To make high definition and more complex visuals and/or photograph specific jewelry or gems, you will have to opt for a macro lens.

  • 2. When to use a macro lens?
    When to use a macro lens?

    Use a macro lens to capture, for example, all the details of gold or silver jewelry with intricate patterns and ornaments. You can also use a watermark lens to show details in watermarks, to publish visuals on media such as print that require higher image quality and resolution. There are two types of macro lenses for APS-C SLR cameras and Full Frame. Choose a focal length of 100 mm or more. The higher the focal length, the more you can keep the camera away from the subject and have a reduced field of view.

  • 3. Two examples of macro lenses for your Canon camera
    Macro lenses for jewelry product photography
    • One of Canon’s flagship models is the EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM lens. Equipped with a latest-generation hybrid stabilizer, this lens offers perfect control of chromatic aberrations.
    • The Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro lens is adaptable to Canon. It is more affordable than the previous model, and is suitable for macro photography of jewelry. This lens is also more than sufficient for use with a packshot photo studio model dedicated to macro jewelry photography.