How to photograph your shoes from several angles and automate the shooting?

The use of a software-controlled 360 turntable automates multi-angle product photography. This is achieved by setting up a workflow from the photo studio driven by the PackshotCreator software used in this tutorial. How to photograph shoes from multiple angles and automatically reuse them for subsequent shots? Discover all the steps of the multi-angle shooting process on shoes:


A pair of shoes


PackshotCreator R3 Mark II photo studio
Canon EOS 800D
Lens: Canon EF-S 18-135 mm


5 minutes
  • 1. Define a set of specifications
    Define a set of specifications for your shoes multi-angles photos

    This will be your support to standardize the production of your visuals and establish their nomenclature. You can photograph a shoe or the pair. For this tutorial, we explain the steps for a pair. Choose under which key angles to present your shoes: side view, ¾ front and back, back and top view. Complete this series of photographs with one or more close-ups on different details of the shoe.

  • 2. Prepare your pair of shoes for the big jump
    How to clean shoes before shooting

    Cotton gloves, brushes, polishing cloth, padding fabric or paper, straightening rods or dusting spray: get ready before the shooting. You will save time during preparation, but also in post-production by avoiding the removal of unwanted dust or stains, especially if you have close-ups.

  • 3. Place your shoes in the 360° photo studio
    How to prepare your shoes before shooting

    Your shoe placements on the 360 turntable should be consistent. Several markers are present to assist you:

    ● The marker in the center of the tray

    ● The positioning laser that activates with the software

    ● On your screen using LiveView: 9 types of visual cues (grids, lines, crosses…)

    ● Transparent image (Ghost) to repeat the placement with other shoes

    Software Tip: save profiles for each type of shoe: boots_women_heels_4, pumps_3, mocassins_men_4, etc.

  • 4. Configure your camera and lighting settings
    How to adjust the settings before shooting

    Choose a value between 200 and 400 to set your ISOs, an aperture value around 14 for photos without blurred areas. For speed, choose a value of 1/50 when you have several LED light sources, as in this case. Sources whose intensity you will adjust one by one, from your computer screen. You will then obtain the desired result: save it to reuse it later!

  • 5. Program the angles to be photographed
    multi-angle custom defined

    From the software’s 2D photo mode, activate the Custom Defined. From your screen, program the camera, the shooting mode and the different angles defined in your specifications. On this 360 photo studio model, it is possible to connect several cameras at the same time and program, for example, a top view for your series of multi-angle shots of shoes.

  • 6. Launch multi-angle shooting from your screen
    Multi angle customed defined for shoes photography

    Click on Snap and here we go! Multi-angle shooting starts. The plate is positioned on the angles you have previously chosen. The camera captures each of the different views of your pair of shoes.

  • 7. One for all, all for one: multiple retouching
    Multi-editing for shoes product photography

    Retouch colors, contrasts or curves from just one of your shoe photos. Once the image has been retouched, apply the retouching to the rest of the photographs taken from other angles.

  • 8. Multi-exports for multi-angle photos
    Multi export for shoes photography

    Need to publish on multiple media? Save and export your photos in multiple formats at the same time: JPEG, PNG, Tiff, Raw…

    • The advantage of PackshotCreator: use a handheld scanner to scan barcodes and name the images. This will save you time and avoid typos
    • Further advantages of PackshotCreator: create a nomenclature and a custom suffix according to the number of views taken (1234567-face.jpeg; 1234567-3/4.jpeg; 1234567-back.jpeg