How to hang and take 360° pictures of your necklaces in a photo studio?

When you have specific jewellery visuals, specific solutions and shooting methods are required. For this tutorial on 360° photography of necklaces, we will explain every step of it. The shooting is done with a 360 photo studio, combined with a motorized suspension system. The whole system is driven by a packshot photography software. With this combination, you will see how you can increase productivity and automate your production workflow. Other key benefits include avoiding movement during rotation, providing a more realistic reach-like presentation and playing with shimmering effects while viewing the animation.



Silver necklace with diamond pendant


PackshotMacro DL photo studio
PackshotSpin jewellery
Canon EOS 6D Mark II
100 mm Canon macro lens


4.15 minutes
  • 1. Make your necklace shine
    njewellery cleaning

    You need to clean your jewellery and make silver shine. Use a lint-free cloth and specific powder to polish the necklace. Also put on cotton gloves to handle it. Discover our tutorial on jewellery cleaning.

  • 2. Hang it on the 360° turntable
    Hang a necklace on the 360° turntable

    Hang your necklace on the T-bar, fixed on the suspended turntable. Center it, then check its position using the marks on the screen (for more details and tips, read our article on how to hang a necklace during a 360° animation).

  • 3. Place your jewellery under the spotlight
    Lighting configuration for necklace 360 photography

    After configuring your camera via the interface in LiveView (read our tutorial). Select the Diamond pre-configuration in the Variable mode. For more customization, adjust from the interface the 10 independent and adjustable light sources from 1 to 100% in the Expert mode.

  • 4. Test and visualize before you start
    360 test animation, necklace product photography

    Choose the direction and above all the speed of rotation that best suits the length of your necklace: choker, uniform, princess or opera necklace. The shorter it is, the higher the speed you can choose. Here, we have chosen a slow speed to avoid swinging the pendant during the rotation. By clicking on Test, launch a test animation on 72 images (for publication on an e-commerce website). These settings are located in the top right corner of your software interface.

  • 5. Go for it!
    profiles for product photography shooting

    Is your test animation successful? Your camera settings and lighting too? Save them for future 360-degree photographs of similar necklaces. Create profiles for the shooting (camera and lighting), but also for the positioning and, as we will see in step 6, for the characteristics of the 360° animation.

  • 6. Launch and customize your 360° animation
    Profil HTML5 360 animation 360° personnalisée de collier

    When exporting, customize your animation by creating an HTML5 profile in the export interface. Add buttons to your visual: Play, Pause, Zoom and Share on social networks. Choose their shape and color according to the graphic charter and identity of your website.

  • 7. Record and store the animated visual of your necklace
    360 photography software for jewelry

    The photographs taken with the software (from 24 to 1024) are then assembled. The result of this assembly, the HTML5 file, is then stored locally or on the cloud. An Iframe link is generated so that you can integrate it on your website.


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