How to create a 360° video of your shoes with a software-driven studio?

Making 360° shoe videos is an alternative to 360° animation in HTML5 format. With the video, no interactivity and manipulation is possible. On the other hand, the publication of your video is simplified on a website or especially on social networks. Discover on this tutorial, each step of the creating a video with our automated photo studio.  


Pair of pumps


360 PackshotCreator R3 Mark II photo studio
Software PackshotCreato
Canon EOS 800D
Lens: Canon EF-S 18-135 mm
Class 10 SD card


3 minutes
  • 1. Prepare your pair of pumps before you place them in the studio
    How to clean shoes before shooting

    On this example model of heeled pumps, use a dusting spray to remove any dust particles that may be visible on the final video. Don’t hesitate to wear cotton gloves to avoid leaving marks on your shoes during handling.

  • 2. Place, position and center the pair of shoes
    How to create a 360° animation of shoes with a ruler

    On the studio model used, there are many markers to help you place the shoes.

    ● Central marker on the turntable

    ● Positioning laser on the software interface

    ● 9 types of position markers on the LiveView screen

  • 3. Create a recording profile to save and reuse your settings
    How to create a 360 animation of shoes with a ghost image feature

    Once your pumps are positioned, memorize their position with a transparent image. This image will serve as a position memory for future pairs of similar shoes. Save this Ghost Image to a profile. Stored in the software library, this profile will be used to save all the settings detailed in the next steps of this tutorial.

  • 4. Have your camera ready to shoot your video
    How to create a 360 animation with camera settings

    Set the ISOs from the software interface to a range between 100 and 400, aperture between 5 and 9, shutter speed to 1/40, and white balance to Daylight or customize it if you wish. Create a setting and lighting profile for your pump video.

  • 5. Create the perfect lighting ambience for the 360° video of the pumps
    Create an 360 animation of shoes with lighting settings

    To achieve the desired picture appearance, adjust the intensity of each studio light source from 1 to 100% separately. Observe the result of the adjustments on your shoes live on screen.

  • 6. A reusable profile for all your settings
    How to save the profile of a photography editing

    Save your camera and studio lighting settings in one profile.

  • 7. Your video settings
    How to add video settings when editing

    And if, once again, you keep all the settings to save time for your next videos:

    • Speed and direction of rotation of the turntable
    • Audio deletion or no deletion
    • Choice of video playback time
  • 8. Camera... action! Your 360° shoe video is launched
    How to snap when photographing a pair of shoes

    You’re all set! Click on REC, the plate makes a full rotation while the camera shoots your shoes… And cut, that’s a wrap!

  • 9. Save your work
    How to save the formats for next product shootings

    Then, choose the format of the video during recording: Mp4 or .mov. You have just completed the entire shooting process in less than 3 minutes. By reusing the created profiles, the time of realization will be practically reduced by half.

  • 10. Bonus: the combined 360° video and animation of shoes
    how to create an animation from a video

    Select the Sampling tab, then choose the number of images to extract for the animation (24 images are enough, this is what we explain on this tutorial dedicated to the 360° animation of your shoes). Start the video capture by pressing REC. The software automatically extracts the number of selected images and assembles the 360 animation in HTML5 format. All you have to do now is save it. If you reuse the profiles saved during the first capture.