Promise heaven in your clients’ mouth through your mouthwatering visuals!

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An explosion of taste through the popping colors of your photos.

examples of food photography

Are you slightly impatient to obtain the result of your editing after shooting your products? If this is the case, we have the appropriate solution. Why not simply see the result of each of your manipulations on your screen?  With LiveView this is possible…

Let’s see some examples of tableware products photography

Do you want to add your food products on a custom background? This is possible with AutoMask! Remove the background of your product photography and be able to add the result to any colorful, patterned or themed background.

how to photograph food
how to automatically delete the background of product photo
With AutoMask
Without AutoMask

how to photograph food packaging
examples of food packaging photography
  • how to photograph food packaging
  • examples of food packaging photography

Add margins to your product photography and obtain a homogeneous webpage or other platform.


See more examples of tableware and food products photography!

Beyond “Delicious”: make your food look irresistible with 360° animations

Ensure food hygiene of your products when you display them on a pure white background. What better way to remind your customers of your health standards, than photographing your dishes on a perfect white shade.

With Highlight let your image blink in black when you reached perfection.

examples of food photography

Add custom buttons on your animations. They can vary between the zoom, the play and pause, the social media buttons… The latter, allows your customer to be directed on your social media platform once they click on the respective icons.

Not only can you choose to add any buttons, or all of them, but also decide of the color in which you wish to display them on your animation.

Let your customers be aware of your ingredients thanks to Hotspots. Allow your customers to click on the buttons and obtain the information you wish to convey.

Proud of your healthy and tasty dish? Then let your customers know more about it!

Some features you could benefit from...

Curious to see examples of your own tableware and culinary collection?

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