Place the scarf and then adjust the lighting easily

Remotely control the lighting of a photo studio with the LightControl

add background to a png file Control precisely your lighting

From 1 to 100%, area by area, through the PackshotCreator software, control from your screen, the intensity of the lighting on all of your products and visualize the results in real time.

Visualize in real time your photo rendering

No need to move to adjust the lighting of your photo studio. With the LightControl feature, you can control each light source in the system directly from your computer and visualize the results in real time on your screen (LiveView).

Adjust each area, from 1 to 100% to control the appearance of shadows and reflections. Then get the desired rendering for your products. You can save each setting in a custom profile library and then re-apply it to similar products.

LightControl feature to control LED lighting of a photo studio
control lighting direct from your screen

Adjusting lighting with LightControl :

Control the production straight from the software and visualize the results in real time with the LiveView :

1. Place your product
2. Control, as you wish, the intensity of each Lighting source present on your system
3. Visualize in real time the results on your screen
4. Save Lighting profiles for future uses