shoot your products quickly and then directly export your visuals to your website

Take one picture get multiples visuals of your products with Multi-Product Capture

add background to a png file Take one shot and get several visuals 

No more loosing time photographing product by product. With PackshotCreator‘s software you take one photo of multiple products and automatically get individual files of each product.

The whole process is done in seconds !


Speed up your visual production

Place your products together in your studio and shoot them once with Background Removal. The Multi-Product feature smartly and automatically separates each product into independent files.

Ideal if you are shooting objects of the same range.

shoot multiple product together and obtain individual images
coloring pencils on white background

How to get individual files of multiple products:

Control the production straight from the software and visualize the results in real time:

1. Place different products together
2. Choose Background Removal as the Capture Mode
3. Make any adjustments necessary
4. Press Snap
5. The image directly appears on the screen
6. Click Edit and then Image Separation
7. The software automatically separates the images into individual files
8. Save your files