shoot your products quickly and then directly export your visuals to your website

How to save your pictures in multiple formats with just one click

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add background to a png file A single visual in several formats

Create still photos or 360° animations and videos of your product and save them in different formats with just one click. The dynamic PackshotOneClick feature lets you to export your visuals in several formats simultaneously.

After the shooting and editing, simply select the formats you wish to export and click OK. The software automatically save the files in all the chosen formats.

The most fast and productive way of exporting files

With PackshotCreator software, you have the possibility to create visuals of your products and immediately export them in any format you wish. All it takes is one click! Take still photos and save them in RAW, JPG, PNG, and TIFF formats. Create 360° product animations or videos and with one click export them in HTML5, GIF, MOV and MP4.

Different formats, resolutions?  Define your parameters according to your needs and save the whole thing.

How to save your products visuals in different formats:

After shooting and/or editing your product :

1. Click Save As
2.  A window instantly appears on the screen
3. Select Add A New Saving Type
4. Choose and select all the formats you want to export your file(s)
5. Make any adjustments such as size, quality, and DPI if wished
6. Press OK
7. Name your file(s)
8. Click Save
9. The software save your file(s) in all the formats chosen simultaneously