Premium Watch is using a Packshot Lightbox for macro photography

Expert in timepieces, Premium Watch is offering exceptional watches and now the online store showcase its products with a lightbox for macro photography.

A lightbox for macro photography for emblematic watches brands

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Rolex, Jaeger Le Coultre, Patek Philippe… emblematic brands which need the utmost care through the creation until the sale. That is the reason why Mathias Faruch, co-founder of the Premium Watch Company called PackshotCreator to create their product pictures in a limited time with an optimal reactivity and quality for their website.

He explains his choice of Packshot lightbox for macro photography 

With the booming of the timepieces market, Premium Watch decided to create their display site allowing clients to enjoy a first reliable and realistic experience of the products before they come to visit the physical store. These visuals are essential in the selling process.

“We needed a solution capable of shooting our products quickly and simply, showing all the details of any watch: the watch dial, bracelet, and the back. With the PackshotMacro R, the render is so pleasing: no reflection and a perfectly adjusted light. Complicated products are now so easy to shoot!”


A dedicated lightbox for macro photography of reflective products

The PackshotMacro R is the dedicated lightbox for macro photography of reflective products, usually complicated to shoot, such as watches or jewels. The light system is fully controlled from 0 to a 100%: the reflective and transparent parts are no longer an issue.

“We have daily shootings and so we needed a solution that would give us the freedom to shoot fast and without any constraints. To describe it in a word: the quality! The visuals are ready-to-use and so we integrate them instantly on our website, the complementary functionalities like the x20 zoom is really helpful when you want to see all the details of the watches.”

PackshotCreator product photography examples

To discover the lightbox for macro photography, PackshotMacro R into action, meet us on our booth at the Inhorgenta fair or in our showroom for a demonstration with our experts!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a Packshot lightbox for macro photography?

All the photography steps can be automated and facilitated to take pictures and animations.

How to take pictures of reflective products, usually complicated to shoot?

You can use the PackshotMacro photo studio with its dimmable lighting to remove reflections.