Orbitvu Turntables G2

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Push the limits of your content production with Orbitvu Turntables G2, a major innovation in product photography. Precise, durable, incredibly stable and fully software-controlled 360° turntables. Choose between the Midi and Maxi, and install your new turntable to capture stunning 360-degree videos or animations of your products with a single click. Enjoy increased productivity thanks to the automation of these turntables, and say goodbye to positioning errors at different angles.

Dimensions: 75 cm
Max. central load: 40 kg (with column) / 150 kg (without column)


Dimensions: 150 cm
Max. central load: 250 kg

*supplier’s dimensions – contact us to discuss about your requirements

Integrate Automation into your Product Photography with Orbitvu 360° Turntables G2

Discover and incorporate the benefits of automation into your photo studio with Orbitvu 360° Turntables G2. With them, capturing your products from every angle becomes child’s play: you won’t even need to touch your product to reposition it!


Thanks to a particularly sturdy and stable base, even the most bulky or heavy products can be captured: up to 250 kg with the MAXI G2. Smaller, lighter products? Opt for the MIDI G2, which can be placed on your desk or on the floor, elevated on a column or not, for maximum versatility!


Photos, animations and 360-degree videos: everything becomes quick and easy. Just pull out your Orbitvu G2 turntable, set up your camera and start rotating and capturing with a single click from our Orbitvu Station software: automation takes care of the rest. Manage the positions and speed of your turntable from your computer, edit and retouch your photos from the same software, and publish: it’s that easy!

Up to 250 kg

Don’t let the size or weight of your products hold you back, and capture them like never before.


2 turntable sizes

Choose the size of your turntable based on your needs and the dimensions of your products.


300 products per day

Easily increase your content production with an optimized workflow.

Discover the content you can create with the 360° turntables

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Software Performance

Are you curious about the Orbitvu 360° Turntables G2?

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