LuminaPad+ Mark II

With the unique studio dedicated to the creation of visuals for clothes and accessories, you can benefit from two distinct shooting modes. The flatlay shot is realized on a large blacklit table for your clothes and accessories to be placed on. With the vertical shooting (table transformed into a blacklit background), photograph your fashion articles or accessories on different types of models. Four pannels, composed of 1728 LEDS, complete the device on two configurations: for a front lighting (vertical studio) or zenithal (table).

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Designed for the mode photography 1

lumina all in one studio with parallel lighting panels
gradation system to make product photography with good proportions
  • lumina all in one studio with parallel lighting panels
  • gradation system to make product photography with good proportions

The LuminaPad+ Mark II has been conceived with our engineers’ expertise, in order to be ready to use and easy to manage. Every detail have been studied to transform photography of fashion and textiles accessible to everyone:

  • Gradation systems are, therefore, present on all lighting supports: positioned with extreme precision! The lighting panels are parallel, equidistant and directive, they are very easily manipulable. The result is impressive as it creates an homogeneous light rendering, perfectly convenient for textile photography.
  • Same principle to position the photo camera: fixed on a tripod head, it is perpendicular to the lighttable. Your flat visuals are proportioned and the perspectives are realistic. Its gas cylinders support slides horizontally, vertically, lengthways and in width. It brings closer or further away your point of view depending on the size of your products.

Be flexible in your shooting possibilities when exploring every inch of the lighting table!

Another packshot point of view 2

The LuminaPad+ Mark II has been conceived to answer the exigency of both sectors: textile and fashion. You can photograph your products on flatlay disposition, and, you can also photograph them using the light table in a vertical configuration. This way, you will have a blacklit background and four front lighting sources to realize your product photography worn by real or ghost models.

360 automated photo studio for clothes & accesories

Absolute lighting control 3

led lighting system studio for a better result

The textile photography sector is one of the most demanding in terms of quality and requires extreme precision. In order to answer these exigencies, the LuminaPad+ Mark II is equipped of four LED light panels. The lighting of the products is, therefore, homogeneous and consitent. There are no color gradients or too saturated hues.

With a color temperatur of 5,700°K, and an CRI higher than 93, the light is homogeneous, consistant and the colors are not altered. The lighttable is composed of 1728 LEDs and it is covered of a PVC diffuser. Combined with a canopy covering the entire studio, it entirely diffuses the light of the studio.

All these specificities are combined to realize professional shootings.

From still photography to animation

Go further and become more flexible and turn towards the animation system. Give rich information to visitors through the automated creation of multi-views, with an interactif zoom or even the full customization of your animated visuals. Three rotating systems will assure your increase in productivity.

Evolutions dedicated to 360 and 3D animation

LuminaGlass Turntable:

Position this turntable with its blacklit background on the blacklit table. Realize 360° visuals of fashion accessories, bags, etc. while making use of the exceptional lighting system.

PackshotSpin Series

When you use the studio in a vertical configuration, the rotating table will allow you to make multi-angles and 360 animations of your models or accessories.

Software performance

Are you curious about the LuminaPad+ Mark II?

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