PackshotStart Mark II

Enter the PackshotCreator universe with the economical solution: the PackshotStart Mark II photo studio. Benefit of the quality of PackshotCreator by finding in the compact studio all the key elements to succeed in your visuals production: a compact studio, an integrated homogenous LED lighting system, piloted by a powerful software.

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Controlled budget, ensured performances 1

Ensure performances with the desktop photo studio
2d white background of a cap
  • Ensure performances with the desktop photo studio
  • 2d white background of a cap

Find the PackshotCreator quality in each element of your PackshotStart Mark II, controlled by the product photo software.

The studio, with its consistant full LED lighting system, is connected, via USB, to one or more cameras and to a turning table (optional, if you wish to upgrade your system to 360 or to multi-views). Several cases can be used simultaneously. An extensive range of cameras is in fact compatible with the studio.

Stable and consistent lighting 2

Equipped with a consistent LED lighting system, the PackshotStart Mark II offers a high color rendering index (CRI> 93). The intensity of the three light sources (front, back and under) is modulable separately from 1 to 100%. Obtain this way homogenous series of visuals with pure white backgrounds and access to the background removal features depending on the typology of your products: AutoPNG, AutoBKG or AutoMask.

The curtains protects the studio from the external light and confine it on the inside for a better luminous diffusion. The visual result becomes therefore a high-fidelity one.

adjust the lighting according to your product

Ergonomic, therefore efficient 3

a photo studio in an office to directly posts the photos online
how to shoot products to post online
  • a photo studio in an office to directly posts the photos online
  • how to shoot products to post online

The openings, lateral and front of the PackshotStart Mark II, facilitate the charging of medium-sized or delicate objects to position. Three placements for shooting are possible: front, lateral and overhead.

Boost your creativity during the photo shoots! Light, of a fine design, it combines rigidity with resistance (to shocks and scratches). Made of thermoplastic polymers, casted by injection, the studio integrates easily in your workspace.

Special advantage: it easy dismountable. Put it back then after a photo shoot until your next arrival of products.

Evolving system

PackshotSpin Series: O3T

Add the turntable PackshotSpin O3T. With a precision to the degree of the motorized table system, create realistic and fluid animations and 360° videos of your products.

Software performance

Custom File Naming

Automate the naming of a series of images to better organize your files: determine your image’s syntax (composed of a main name and a rank) and their placement in the storage.

Manual background removal has come to an end. Our technologies allow you to automatically select contours in one or two passing of fixed photos and multi-angles one depending on their specificities.

After shooting and editing, you only have to save your visuals. An image with different formats, resolutions? It’s possible with a single click! Define your parameters according to you needs and save the whole thing!

But also...
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Dual Screen
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Are you curious about the PackshotStart Mark II?

Are you interested in this studio, do you have questions or do you need further information? If so, get in contact with us.

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