PackshotCreator Mini Mark II

6.980 €
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The compact PackshotCreator Mini Mark II photo studio is no longer available. As a replacement, we recommend the Alphashot XL.

Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 59 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Lighting: CRI 98, color temp 5700°K
LED Lifespan: 50.000 hours


Maximum size*
Top shots: 37 x 35 cm
Side shots: 37 x 35 x 34 cm
Maximum weight: 20 kg

*supplier’s dimensions – contact us to discuss about your requirements

A true concentrate of technology

packshot mini lighting system and 4 LED lighting zones

The automated photo studio PackshotCreator Mini Mark II integrates four independent and adjustable from 1 to 100% full LED lighting zones. With this, a color temperature equivalent to the daylight (5700°K) offers an optimal result.

Regarding the intelligent background removal of your products: it becomes intuitive. The backlit cyclo background erases all the angles, for a pure background and the disappearance of unwished shadows. Its two lateral opening panels and two front light panels are articulated and make the studio completely hermetic to the external light.

As a result: an integral diffusion of the light to improve even more the rendering of the most complex products.


Compact but highly effective

With its volume, this automated photo studio fits in every type of place for photo shoots or on desktop-like supports.

It becomes the main element of an environment favorable to productivity. With a use surface of 54cm³ and dimensions 60 x 60 x 59 cm, the ratio between interior space / studio exterior is maximal. Its lateral doors, of 42 x 39.5 cm size, facilitate all types of placing and manipulation of small objects.

To this, four more other shooting placements are added (two lateral, one front, one on the top of the studio) for even more productive and creative possibilities.

practical and compact photo studio

Built to last

how this studio is flexible with the doors and the lighting

The PackshotCreator Mini Mark II automated photo studio is entirely made of aluminum, synonym of resistance.

Each of its elements (panels, doors or even panel joints) are assembled with a millimeter-like precision.

Its intelligent ventilation system, combined with the thermal conductivity of aluminum, prevents any overheating, even with an intensive use.


A conception that equals duration for your upcoming shootings.

Evolving system

PackshotSpin Jewelry

Integrate the 360 turntable to make in a the bat of an eye ultra-precise animations and videos of your products. The  step by step motor with its asynchronous rotation enables a regular and circular movement. Your videos and animations will then be fluid and realistic.

PackshotSpin Series: O3T

Add the turntable PackshotSpin O3T. With a precision to the degree of the motorized system, create realistic and fluid animations and 360° videos of your products.

Software performance

Are you curious about the PackshotCreator Mini Mark II?

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