Save and Re-apply all your shooting settings

Re-apply your settings endlessly

The Templates function is used to save all positioning, lighting and retouching settings for a product photographed in an Orbitvu photo studio. When you take a photo of a similar product, a simple click is enough to reuse the saved profile. The software then takes care of the rest!

Be more productive than ever

No more need to make systematic adjustments when photographing your products. Do it once for the same product, save these settings and re-apply them as desired!

From positioning the subject, through lighting configuration to post-production, clipping or even file export: each parameter present in the Orbitvu software can be memorized and re-applied infinitely.

The ideal tool when you are shooting a series of similar products and want to automate your production !

How to save and reapply your settings:

After having positioned, highlighted, made all the necessary settings for your products and captured:

1. Click Create New Template (you can save as many as you have products to photograph)
2. Name it
3. Save and re-apply them whenever you need them


How do I save my camera and lighting settings?

In order to save time when making your product photos, it is possible to save your settings according to product categories. How?