List of compatible cameras

The complete list of cameras compatible with PackshotCreator photo systems. We also provide you with the cameras list  tested on our solutions by the PackshotLab.

Please note that if your PackshotCreator software version is prior to the commercial release of your camera, it won’t be compatible with your software.

Please also note that the following list presents the cameras compatible with our latest PackshotCreator software release. If you don’t know your software version, please refer to your purchase order date or contact us.

Windows 7, 8 and 10MAC OSX 10.13 and aboveLive View
Canon EOS
60D, 70D, 77D, 80D, 90D
7D, 7D Mark II,
6D, 6D Mark II,
5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 5D Mark IV,
5DS, 5DSR,
1DX, 1D X Mark II,
Rebel T2i, T3i, T4i, T5i, T6i, T6s, T7i, T3, T5, T6,
Kiss X4, Kiss X5, Kiss X6i, Kiss X7i, Kiss X8i, Kiss X9i, Kiss X50, Kiss X70, Kiss 80,
550D, 600D, 650D, 700D, 750D, 760D, 800D, 1100D, 1200D, 1300D, 1500D, 2000D, 3000D, 4000D, 8000D, 9000D
EOS R | EOS RP | EOS R3 | EOS R5 | EOS R6 | EOS R7 | EOS R8 | EOS R10 | EOS R50 |
R6 Mark II, M6 Mark II, M50 Mark II
Nikon (don't support video capture or multiple camera control)
D5100, D300S, D610, D750**, D810**, D850**YesNoYes
*Don't support Hyperfocus feature.
**Nikon cameras supporting exposure simulation.
Note: The Canon EOS 1000D is NOT compatible with the latest software version.

Cameras tested by the Packshot Lab

PackshotLab regularly tests cameras to check their compatibility with Orbitvu Station software. These models have been tested:

Canon Reflex :

1300D, 2000D, 4000D
200D 250D
800D, 850D
77D, 80D, 90D
7D, 7D Mark II
6D, 6D Mark II
5D Mark III and IV, 5DSR
1DX, 1DX Mark II
RP, R6, R5
M6 Mark II, M50 Mark II


Nikon Reflex (does not support video capture, dual shooting and multiple camera control):

D810, D850

*Does not support the hyperfocus feature
*Does not have the exposure simulation feature

Note: Each day, PackshotCreator is testing new Nikon cameras in order to lengthen its recommanded cameras list.
For the time being, we advise to choose Canon cameras. Their SDK is integrated to Orbitvu Station software since its development, allowing PackshotCreator teams to experiment and correct bugs, in order to ensure you an optimal experience.