PackshotStudio 360

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In the face of rapid technological advancements, this product has become obsolete

As a replacement, we recommend the Alphashot XL.

Dimensions: 216 x 165 x 245 cm
Weight: 408 kg
Lighting: CRI 95+, color temp 5700°K
LED Lifespan: 50.000 hours


Maximum size*
Top shots: 132 x 132 cm
Side shots: 88,5 x 88,5 x 189,5 cm
360 shots: 88,5 x 88,5 x 189,5 cm
Maximum weight: from 150 to 200 kg depending on the chosen rotation speed

*supplier’s dimensions – contact us to discuss about your requirements

No limit to your creativity

woman in a photo studio
  • woman in a photo studio

The new full LED system made in PackshotCreator is composed of 9 lighting sources. Control the intensity for each of them from 1 to 100% and separately, via the software. With a life span of 50,000 hours, these LEDs have color temperature similar as daylight (5,700°K). The backlit background is 137 cm high and is completed with a toplight. To this, two lighting columns have been added, independent and mobiles, of 237 cm tall. Mounted on wheels, move them as you like, to have the result you wish on the clothes or mannequins you are shooting.

The lateral panels are reversible: vary between a luminous and diffused environment with the white side, or add contrast and define the model’s edges or white, reflective and transparent products, with the black side. Combine this configuration with the AutoMask feature and remove their background automatically.

From a closed to an open photo studio

You have a reduced space for your big objects shoots? The PackshotStudio 360 is a transformable photo studio conceived to adapt to all shooting spaces, even the most reduced ones. Its surface permits to hold products measuring up to 112 x 79 x 212 cm.

Its lateral panels are movable as well as the lighting columns. You can, depending on your shooting space, move them away from the studio or attach them together; you go this way from a closed structure to an open one. Use other cameras to multiply the simultaneous shoots with different angles.

You also have the possibility to add other lightings if needed, for example, lighting your products directly through the sides of the studio.

How to shoot a model in a automated product photo studio ?
what a photo studio looks like
  • How to shoot a model in a automated product photo studio ?
  • what a photo studio looks like

Productivity and interactivity

Assisted by the Orbitvu Station software, configure your lighting, settings, shooting, editing and file exports adjustments, then re-apply them on similar objects.

With the PackshotStudio Multi-Side turntable, you can benefit from an additional LED lighting source and the automation of your workflows. With this LED backlit source, adjustable from 1 to 100%, located under the table, eliminate shadows and undesired reflexions of your products and reveal the transparency of your vaporous products (dresses, vases…).

Transparent and bottom-lit, this turntable enables you to take multi-angled series and 360° animations of products weighing up to 200 kg. Create these views with more precision, thanks to the integrated centering laser. Using the middle and side laser marks to correctly position the camera and center the products.

Evolving system

PackshotSphere X5

Designed to shoot 5 angles in one click, combine this automated arm to the PackshotStudio 360 to realize 3D animations, multi-views of your products easily and quickly.

Software performance

But also...
PackshotCreator Photo Compatibility
Smart Storage SaaSPhoto
Multi-Core Friendly
Dual Screen
PackshotCreator Multi Control
Auto PNG & BKG Recovery

Are you curious about the PackshotStudioModular Lighting?

Are you interested in this transformable photo studio, do you have questions or do you need further information? If so, get in contact with us.

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