Transparent bottles product photography: creating a qualitative 360° user experience with PackshotCreator

November 2021, Paris, transparent bottles product photography – Marie Bossut, CEO of the G&T Expérience company, had a very specific goal when launching her website: to present all the gin bottles in 360° for a more qualitative and differentiating user experience, detailed, and above all realistic. Equipped with the PackshotCreator R3 L Mark II photo studio and the RepeatableViews Stand, she explains how this powerful combination helped to turn her complex needs into a simple and quick reality.


Can you explain your project in a few words?

“Passionate about spirits and more particularly about gin, I decided to go on a “Tour de France” and to list all the references I discovered on an ecommerce website: G&T Experience. My main need was to propose a more immersive approach and to offer a different user experience from what you can already see online: beautiful 360° views of transparent bottles on a black background.

I’m not a photographer, I had no knowledge in photography: I needed a simple and powerful tool, offering the possibility to remove easily the background of transparent bottles for our product photography needs.”

transparent bottles on black background 

Why did you decide to do the pictures yourself rather than outsourcing?

“The choice was quite logical following my calculations: I had 200 references of gin, as well as 200 references of mignonettes to photograph in 360°, in record time. I simply calculated the costs of a service provider and compared them with the costs of the automated photo studios available on the market. According to my needs at the time, and to the future bottle deliveries, it was obvious that internalizing the creation of the visuals would quickly be profitable for me.

Not to mention the logistics, which would be problematic, costly and time-consuming if all the references had to be shipped to a photographer.

After producing the first 200 bottles, the PackshotCreator R3 Mark II was already profitable.”

packshot bottle product photography

After a few months of use, what do you think of your Packshot photo studio?

“I am delighted with it because I was able to get used to it quite easily. Since I started using the photo studio, I’ve really noticed an increase in my skills thanks to the simple and user-friendly software interface. I didn’t need any training to master it on my own.

With the software’s positioning rulers, centering my bottles was a breeze. The RepeatableViews Stand allowed me to lock the positioning of my camera to make sure I was ultra-precise and that the centering was perfect. Finally, thanks to the AutoMask, I was able to remove the background from all types of bottles while keeping a transparency on it: they look really realistic. Once these parameters are set, all I have to do is to place bottles after bottles in the photo studio using the profiles.

My record: 30 animations of 24 views in one day!”


Why did you choose PackshotCreator for transparent bottles product photography?

“We did several tests with different companies from the product photography market. Some of them were not able to provide us with 360° views, and for others, it was very difficult to get an online appointment (in addition to having much more expensive solutions). After the first contact with the Packshot team, I was able to visit them when I was in Paris and do some live tests with bottles I had brought along.

The real advantage is the AutoMask feature, which works miracles when it comes to removing the background of transparent bottles for product photography, which can be complex at first, but in the end is very efficient. 

Finally, it should be noted that at the beginning I knew that the photo studio would be set up in my home because we didn’t have the warehouse yet. So when we moved the Packshot in, we had to dismantle the photo studio to bring it upstairs. Although it is quite heavy, this proved to be a huge advantage because the Packshot studio can be dismantled into several parts, which is not the case with other photo studios on the market.”

A last word?

“Today, all the references from my “Tour de France” are online. I photograph the new references little by little, and I can publish them the same day. I also photograph other spirits, garnishes and tonics.
The goal is to be able to offer services to companies wishing to enhance their websites with 360° visuals.
To be continued…”

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bottles composition of gins and tonics in packshot studio

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