360 Product Photography Software


Today, more and more online shops require sellers to provide 360 views of their products. PackshotCreator provides a range of Orbitvu’s 360 product photography turntables to adapt to all business, large or small. These turntables have a unique software integrated that facilitates the creation of 360 product animations and videos for ecommerce, social media, Amazon or other platforms. The entire workflow is automated: from turntable movement to image taking, editing and stitching. If you don’t know how to use 360° product animations, you can check out our dedicated article on how to use 360° images for Amazon and other marketplaces.

Orbitvu’s combination of hardware and software guarantee quality and return on investment.

The 360° Turntables Mini

Small Size 360 Product Turntables

The 360° Turntables Mini let you create 360 views of your products for Amazon, eCommerce, social media or other applications. Their integrated software automates the entire photographic workflow: turntable movement, photo taking, editing and stitching.

Turntable’s diameter: 50 cm
Capacity: 18 kg

The 360° Turntables Midi

Medium Size 360 Product Turntables

The 360° Turntables Midi and its photography software work together to provide users with rapid and repeatable workflows. The software controls camera and turntable movement to simplify and accelerate the whole visual production (image taking, editing, stitching and saving).

The 360° Turntables Midi is the ideal turntable to create 360 animations and videos of mid-size products up to 40 kg.

Turntable’s diameter: 75 cm
Capacities: 40 kg

The 360° Turntables Maxi

Large Size 360 Product Turntables

Use the 360° Turntables Maxi to create 360 animations and videos of large and heavy products in order to boost sales and decrease product returns. This skilled product turntable work together with a 360 photography software to streamline image capturing, editing, processing and publishing.

Turntable’s diameter: 180 cm
Capacity: 250 kg

Hardware Features & Options

Orbitvu’s patented 360 product photography turntables were designed to last and offer different hardware features and options, such as:

  • LED Lighting kit
  • Larger or custom turntable covers
  • Products stands
  • 360 hanging kits for bags straps and jewelry
  • Vibration-free technology
  • Simple product centering
  • Precise rotation
  • Turntable leveling abilities
  • Fast turntable speed