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How to simplify your image production with PackshotCreator eyewear photography solutions? From pure play and concept stores to cross-channel marketing, the optical industry has an ever greater presence on the web and a growing need for visuals.

Pushed to diversify, the eyewear industry is expanding its range of products, all of which are subject to rapidly shifting trends — just like the fast fashions of haute couture.

PACKSHOTCREATOR: 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE bringing your image production in-house. A preferred partner for hundreds of optical and eyewear businesses since 2001.


Frames, lenses, optical supplies: with PackshotCreator, image production becomes a simple and intuitive process.

What are best ways to create visuals for the eyewear market?
What types of images can I produce? Still eyewear photography, multi-angle, animations?
What solutions are best suited to creating professional quality images?
In photo shoots, how should I deal with the reflection and transparency effects on glass lenses ?
How should I set up the backlighting in my studio to capture lens colours in photographs ?
Does a studio take up a lot of room? My office or shop doesn’t have much space…

Our specialists have been providing answers to questions like these on a daily basis for the past 15 years.

We advise you


  • compact and automated photo studio for higher productivity

    Minimum space, maximum ROI

    You'll quickly find a spot for this super-compact and versatile studio box in your office, workshop, or the back room of an opticians' shop. You'll be able to produce eyewear images practically anywhere!
  • how to edit a photo of eyeglasses through an automated photo studio

    Uniform eyewear visuals

    The images you receive from suppliers don't always follow the same standard. Our patented lighting environment and our "ghost image" positioning tool will allow you to create standardized, uniform images on demand.
  • photo of eyeglasses on online stores

    For internal and client-facing communications

    Flawless responsiveness, with zero delay between receiving and uploading images.
    Having PackshotCreator equipment in-house will allow you to create images as soon as you receive your new frames and instantly share them with your colleagues or upload them to your sales website.

Show every detail of an optical frame

The PackshotMacro R, PackshotCreatorMini Mark II and PackshotCreator R3 photo studios are operated by the most powerful software suite on the market. They allow you to create visuals like scripted animations of a pair of eyeglasses with PackshotViewer software.

  • You can improve the customer experience to reassure potential buyers with animations of your optical frames (like the hemispherical animation opposite).
  • You will be able to enhance your product information database for use in internal communication, labs, companies, optician franchises…
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Detailed images bear witness to the quality of your eyewear

Enhance every part of a pair of glasses (frame, hinge, bridge, groove, pads…) with the hyperfocus function. PackshotCreator invites you to evaluate the before and after images of a single pair of eyeglasses with and without the hyperfocus function.

The dynamic zoom feature in still photos and animations lets your viewers see every detail of the finish: from the type of lens (unifocal, progressive, intermediate distance, polarized) to the tint (brown, grey, green, yellow, blue…).

See all animated technologies
withtout hyperfocus photo of eyeglass framesphoto focus stacking of eyeglasses frame

Popular features for opticals

Our 100% LED lighting system: a testimonial by Morel optical

This lighting system was tailor-made for our next generation photo studios and works with PackshotCreator photo software features. Its modular design helps users deal with differences in photographic rendering for different types of frames (metal, plastic, acetate, carbon fiber or even titanium), as well as reflections and shadows that may appear in shooting. The lighting and the numerous software features faciliate the in-house production process for your images:

“We used to employ an external photographer, but we had issues with image transmission and our guidelines weren’t always followed. Nowadays, we control every aspect of the production process for our visuals.”

A. Martin, representative of Morel optical

Discover all the software features
photo edition software tools
how to edit a photo of eyeglasses on a software
focus stacking editing program
how to use the PackshotCreator edition program for eyeglasses
  • photo edition software tools
  • how to edit a photo of eyeglasses on a software
  • focus stacking editing program
  • how to use the PackshotCreator edition program for eyeglasses
PackshotCreator gives photo instructions and provides services

Master in-house eyewear photography

We offer photography courses tailor-made for professionals in the optical and eyewear industry.

Since 2003, our product eyewear photography specialists have trained thousands of customers, working with the latest Canon and Nikon technologies in combination with PackshotCreator photo solutions and other studio set-ups.
The goal is intensive practical work with eyewear products, to understand and master the basics of shooting transparent and reflective objects in studio with macrophotography techniques.
You can choose between an initial one-day training or a full course with specialization modules (like 360° animations, e-commerce and post-production). At the end of training course, you will be 100% ready to employ your photo product solution and become your own product photographer. Discover our eyewear training : level I & level II.


What benefits for eyewear?

An optician discusses his e-commerce display

The PackshotCreator solution allows us to optimize ours product pictures for print media (catalog) as well as for our websites. We sell 1,7 thousand glasses per year worldwide and have about 6000 article references. PackshotCreator is definitely a time-saving and stressless solution!

Nicole Dworschak - Sales Assistant

Uses a Packshot studio


Before we bought the PackshotStart, we used to work with external photographs but now we have been able to internalise all our visuals production. Our studio allows my team to be more reactive when new products come in, shootings have become easier, visuals are more homogeneous and quickly usable on our website. The services provided by PackshotCreator has made a true difference and consolidated our choice to work with them.

Achod Wartabetian - President

Uses PackshotStart Mark II