Photograph Eyewear for eCommerce

Take professional quality photos of your eyewear products for your catalogues or eCommerce websites. PackshotCreator hardware and software work together to automate and facilitate your visual production. Start creating still photos, interactive 360 animations, videos and 3D views today in-house.  

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Pushed to diversify, the eyewear industry is expanding its range of products, all of which are subject to rapidly changing trends — just like the fast fashions market. To be able to create professional visuals of your eyewear inventory at a timely manner, it is essential to have the appropriate workflow. PackshotCreator provides eyewear photo solutions that will increase productivity and minimize the need of post-production. Simply place, preview and create.

With our advanced photography solutions, you can create professional shots and display your products in creative ways. Give your potential customers a unique experience to interact with your eyewear visuals like never before.


Interactive 360 Animations of Eyewear Products



Automatically create 360° animations of your glasses and sunglasses and make them fully interactive. With our photography software, you can fully customize your visuals with buttons such as play, pause, zoom, social media, and much more. These 360 animations can be done directly on pure white or transparent backgrounds, decreasing the additional work with editing!

Automatic Focus Stacking



Focus stacking is a technique in which various photos are taken over different focus points and then stacked together to create one photo entirely into focus. Usually, eyewear and macro photographers use this method to get sharp results on their product photos.



The Hyperfocus feature on our photo software is an automatic focus stacking. The software lets you select the number of photos to be taken of your eyewear over a range of focus points. It then automatically combines these photos and create a final photo with your product entirely sharp.

We got your eyewear photos covered

Glasses and sunglasses can be very challenging to photograph, but not with PackshotCreator. Our photo solutions and software were specially designed to eyewear photography. Enhance every part of your glasses with the Hyperfocus feature. Capture you sunglasses in their best angles.

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