Automated product photography for pharmacy and parapharmaceutical

New buying trends like click and collect have made the internet a crucial line of development for our customers. Digital media are essential in the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical industries today. Create a product images database will allow you to communicate more easily with your customers, suppliers. Discover how to photograph your pharmaceutical products with Orbitvu's automated photo studios.

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Baby care, body care, health and beauty products, dietary supplements, slimming aids… Orbitvu makes image production a simple and intuitive process.
  • What are the best options for producing pharmacy photographs and animations?
  • How to create your own pharmacy product images database?
  • Will these solutions allow me to create professional quality photographs?
  • How can I optimize my pharmacy image production process when I need to photograph a huge number of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products?
  • What are the options for dealing with reflections and transparency in images of white packaging and product wrapping?
  • How can I follow essential health and safety regulations and highlight the important information printed on my product packaging?
  • Is it feasible to set up a photo studio on my premises?


Our experts have been providing answers to questions like these on a daily basis for the past 18 years.



Technologies and shooting environments designed to meet your needs

Orbitvu provides you with access to a complete, efficient range of equipment and services. They’re ideally suited to producing photos and animations of medicines and parapharmaceutical products in any kind of packaging: blister, tube, soft case, folding box, protective wrapping…


A smart, compact photography studio for optimal production times

Orbitvu’s box studios suit any kind of working environment. They will easily find a place in your office or in the backroom of your pharmacy or warehouse. Simplify your image production by cutting out the middleman and take advantage of automation features in Orbitvu Station software to limit the amount of time you spend in photo shoots while producing uniform, professional quality photographs.


Bolster your internal and client-facing communications

Record your photos and animations in multiple formats for web or print media, for your customers or for internal use. Take control over all your communications — e-commerce, brochures, catalogues, databases — to facilitate communication with your employees or provide comprehensive information to your buyers thanks to detailed, high quality visuals.


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Pharmacy product photographs in the field of healthcare and alternative medicine need to be flawless. The consumer needs to be able to grasp the benefits of the product right away. A pesky reflection can cover up a list of ingredients; poor colorimetry can modify the normalization of colours that may affect product safety. These are all obstacles that can get in the way of online sales. The packaging of medicines and parapharmaceuticals is designed to protect them from tampering and degradation, and guide consumers as to their safe usage.

The 100% LED lighting system of the Alphashot Micro v2, the Alphashot 360 and the Alphashot XL solutions are variable and diffuse, making it easy to adjust the lighting for the white, transparent and reflective products that are widespread in the industry that can be so hard to photograph. Your packaging has multiple features, providing a wealth of complex information. That’s why it has to be displayed in images that are as clear and precise as possible.

According to research, interactive features improve and strengthen the customer experience. You can use them to reassure potential buyers, as seen in this 360° animation.


In the face of intense competition and a culture of high visual standards, it’s important to provide your customers with photographs that are packed with detailed information like ingredients and warning labels. Then you can also use it as a product images database for suppliers.


The Hyperfocus feature lets you upload photographs that are 100 % clear. Together with the dynamic zoom function, it will help you share all your important product information with consumers and colleagues, from the composition of a medicated syrup to the SPF factor displayed on the label of a sun cream. Pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals impact our health, and they are often designed for daily use. Orbitvu solutions make it easy to provide product specs in photos and animations: everything from the logo, manufacturing standards, directions for use, and origin of the item to its chemical / laboratory information. Consumers are learning to shop responsibly, giving an edge to manufacturers and distributors who are willing to put their cards on the table!

photo of a pharmacy product without hyperfocus
photo of a pharmacy product with hyperfocus


What are the benefits for pharmaceuticals?

  • Boost your conversion rate with enhanced details

    The progressive zoom enlarges the entire image (not just one section) to 20x, even when a parapharmaceutical item is 360° or 3D animated. The client zooms in to see the packaging, then browses the entire image without losing the degree of magnification. Research shows that the more potential customers have access to detailed interactive visuals (360° animations, Focus Stacking), the higher the conversion rate.

  • Automate your image production

    In the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical industry, there's a constant flow of new product arrivals and images that need to be updated. Whether you have 50 or 2000 items to photograph, Orbitvu Station software eliminates return trips to outside service provides and standardizes photo shoots. You'll get product placement assistance, memorization of batch parameters to produce uniform images of items like make-up removers, gels, or skincare lotions, and simultaneous export of images to multiple file formats.

  • Vastly increase your image output

    Multi-shooting is one of the leading features to boost your image production. It lets you photograph several products in a range of essential oils and crop them automatically, creating separate image files in just a few clicks. With the OneClick feature, you can simultaneously export one file across multiple formats for all your media and communication needs.

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