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Product studio photography solutions is often used to create a database of industrial items or to add depth to an e-commerce website. It’s a valuable tool in quality control, R&D, and creating an archive of your items. It’s also a weapon in the fight against counterfeiting.

Pure players and new trends like DIY have redefined the market for parts and technical accessories in domains as varied as precision machining, construction, aeronautics, tooling, and the farming and automobile industries.

PACKSHOTCREATOR: 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE bringing your product studio photography in-house. A preferred partner for hundreds of tools and components businesses since 2001.

Creating product photos and animations in-house gives you complete control over all your communication media, whether for client-facing or internal communications.

Industrial and mechanical parts, tooling, reflective objects… PackshotCreator makes in-house image production a simple, intuitive process with professional quality results.
  • Can I set up a photo studio inside an office or warehouse?
  • What are the solutions for image production?
  • How do I showcase every detail of large and small items?
  • How do I deal with reflections on mechanical parts and DIY tools?
  • What’s the best way to organize the image production process for optimal results?
  • How can images of certain parts and components allay concerns about counterfeit goods?

Our experts have been providing answers to questions like these on a daily basis for the past 15 years.

We advise you

Product studio photography for components & tools

  • compact, practical and automated photo machine fitting in all industries

    Minimum space, maximum ROI

    Our versatile, compact box studios will easily fit into your office, workshop or stockroom.
  • small objects photography for online stores

    Studios designed for your components and tools

    PackshotCreator provides a comprehensive, advanced and progressive range of equipment and services. You can use it for photography, macrophotography and product animations, taking into account differences in finish, assembly, reflective materials (chrome, steel, copper) and manufacturing standards.
  • technical parts ecommerce communication

    Images for multimedia communication

    Produce photos and animations of your tools parts and components in-house for e-commerce websites, print catalogues, brochures, central equipment purchasing, R&D or Quality Control.

Revealing all the unique characteristics of your components

Check out these automated studios

A 2-in-1 studio for your parts and components

  • After arranging all your items on the LuminaPad+ Mark II, photograph them in one group shot (e.g. as one car cleaning kit or tool set) then, thanks to the automatic multi-shooting option, export images of each item onto independent image files.

Product studio photography: a 360 turntable

  • With its backlit paneling, this studio, used in vertical mode with the PackshotSpin turntable, lets you create 360° animations of rims, portable compressors or 3D printers (like the 360° animation opposite).

How can you create images that show every detail of your components?

Mechanical parts for use in automobiles or agriculture, tyres, air-conditioning units or circuitboards
Shoot your items in high definition with a uniform background with no drop shadows or crop them and save them on a PNG file so you can use them on any kind of digital or print media.

With our product studio photography solutions, show a toolbox and its contents in every last detail, eliminating blur with hyperfocus technology (photo opposite). And in still photos and animations, dynamic zoom will let your visitors examine each aspect of your items in detail.

Your visuals will reproduce all the unique characteristics and product specs of your items: from their materials (chrome, plastic, copper, steel) to their finish (assembly, adjustments, soldering), not to forget their mechanics (screws, clips, threading, racks). A photo or animation combined with the 20x zoom features lets you do communicate details with no loss in resolution: logos, manufacturers’ certificates of authenticity, quality of the assembly, molding and more.

Discover PackshotCreator technology
picture of toolbox without hyperfocusphoto of toolbox with hyperfocus

What features for visuals of tools and components?

Producing quality photos in-house: a testimonial by Oscaro

Animations and multi-view photographs let you show multiple facets of any technical part, which is perfect when you need to display every detail of a motor, its components and features: cylinders, air filters, bearings, carburettor… An e-commerce website selling car parts needs to show as much information as possible for every product. Your images can then be added to a product database or used in your external communications:

In e-commerce, visuals are among the most important purchasing criteria. That’s why we feel it’s crucial to provide our website visitors with images that show our auto parts as accurately as possible. By using 360° animation to provide more detail and information about our products, we have noticed not just a decrease in the rate of returns but also an increase in sales of available products, precisely the ones that are displayed in 360° views.”

Julien Bertaud, Product Database Manager for Oscaro

Discover our best-selling solution
software permitting the editing of photographs
how to use the PackshotCreator software for a better photo outome
how to add a white background on a photo editing software
how to edit the color of a technical piece on a software
software to edit component photos
  • software permitting the editing of photographs
  • how to use the PackshotCreator software for a better photo outome
  • how to add a white background on a photo editing software
  • how to edit the color of a technical piece on a software
  • software to edit component photos
photography of industrial tools with a light table

Become your own photographer for parts and components

We offer PackshotCreator training in product photography and animation tailored to the parts and components business.

Since 2003, our product photography specialists have trained thousands of customers, working with the latest Canon et Nikon technologies in combination with PackshotCreator photo solutions.

The goal is intensive practical work creating visuals of car and motorcycle parts, agricultural equipment, tools, and components for appliances and electronics, to help you master the basics of photography and animation.
You can choose between an initial one-day course or a full training cycle with specialization modules (360° animations, e-commerce, or even post-production). When you complete the training , you will be 100% ready to use your photo solution and become your own product photographer.

What benefits for parts and accessories?