become your own product photographer for jewelry, timepieces and gemstones

Become your own product photographer for jewelry, timepieces and gemstones

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Rich visuals and a flawless online shopping experience are crucial in the jewelry and timepiece industry. 

Dealing with reflective surfaces and creating perfectly clear images are some of the main challenges when photographing watches, jewelry, and gemstones. And on a logistics level, journeys back and forth to service providers, entailing high insurance costs for valuable items, can be a serious constraing. With PackshotCreator become your own product photographer for jewelry, timepieces and gemstones.

PACKSHOTCREATOR: 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE bringing your image production in-house. A preferred partner for hundreds of jewelry, timepiece, gemstone and gold businesses since 2001.


Rings, necklaces, watch mechanisms, gemstones; with PackshotCreator, creating professional-quality images of jewelry will become a simple and intuitive process.
  • What are the solutions for creating images of jewelry, wristwatches, or small timepieces in-house?
  • Considering the high standards for image quality in the industry, will I be able get the same level of results as a professional jewelry product photographer ?
  • Is it possible to set up a studio in my workspace ?
  • Why should I use photographs in my product support service ?
  • How can I deal with effects like reflection, light dispersion, transparency, and small details in macrophotography?
  • How can I automate my workflow and meet my production deadlines?

Our specialists have been providing answers to questions like these on a daily basis for the past 15 years.

We advise you

Your in-house photographs and 360 animations for timepieces, jewelry, gold and gemstones

  • how to photograph and animate jewelry products with PackshotCreator

    A winning ratio of clutter-to-logistics

    You'll quickly find a spot for this super-compact and versatile box in your office, workshop, or the back room of a jewelry shop. No more coming and going to service providers, no more insurance costs for items worth fortunes, like precious and semi-precious stones, timepieces, and custom orders...
  • jewelry professional studio photographer

    Studios specially tailored to jewelry and timepieces

    PackshotCreator offers a coordinated and highly advanced range of equipment and services dedicated to the creation of photos, macrophotography and animations of articles as complex as diamonds, emeralds, watch mechanisms, alloys, pure metals...
  • jewels professional photography solutions for quality control

    Versatile visuals, for internal and client-facing communications

    Our studios allow you to create photos and animations for e-commerce, catalogues and brochures, your purchasing or R&D department, or even Quality Control!

Photography studios with a dedicated jewellery photography software

Our studios are operated by the most powerful jewellery photography software on the market. They allow you to create scripted animations of, for instance, a pocket watch, thanks to the PackshotViewer software to give your customers interactive guidance during their visit on your website.

Thanks to its high capacity and its dual shooting system (front and birds’ eye views), the PackshotCreator R series makee it possible to accommodate several products of varying sizes to shoot bangles, subscription boxes of costume jewelry, accessory ranges, and more in flat lay. Equipped with a suspension kit, you can also easily capture images of necklaces, chains, and any other kind of lengthy article.


Check out these automated photo studios

An optimal lighting environment for your jewelry

The PackshotMacro R gives you the tools to take pictures in the best lighting conditions. Designed in Full Lighting (100% LED) and specially adapted to timepieces and jewelry, the modular backlighting in this box allows you to distribute the light around objects and provides the precision you need to create 360° photos and animations of a sapphire gem on a platinum mount, showcasing a gemstone’s clarity and fire, its inclusions and flaws; the grain of a leather watch strap; the luster of a pearl

Combined with our MacroSphere System spherical structure, you will also be able to produce incredibly precise animations or visuals in an almost hermetically sealed light environment. For quality control or e-commerce photography, you will be able to show the patina on a silver locket and obtain images that faithfully reproduce the exact color of your emerald stones…

how to photograph jewels with a white background?

Detailed visuals of all your items and designs

Showcase your jewelry in every detail. The hyperfocus feature lets you highlight the workmanship of a bracelet as well as an engraving or hallmark inside the mount in a single image. Reveal every facet of a diamond while respecting the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat). Heighten the visual experience with dynamic zoom in still photos or animations, allowing your visitors to examine every detail of your products, like the mechanism of watch: the gears, the oscillating mass, and every moving part.

The shooting environment of PackshotCreator light boxes together with our software features allow you to decide exactly how to show and enhance every detail of your products.


Discover PackshotCreator technologies
photo of collar jewelry before focus stackingphoto of collar jewelry after focus stacking

Dedicated features for timepieces, jewelry and fine gems

Ocarat's testimonial on capturing every detail of its jewelry

Tailor-made for timepiece, jewelry, and gemstone businesses, the PackshotMacro R automated photo studio, combined with the PackshotCreator software features, enables macrophotography of very complex pieces of jewelry and captures every reflection, brilliance, and shade of color.

“The online visuals for our jewelry have to reproduce the same effect as a jeweler’s shop window: they have to make people fantasize about the products, make them fall in love. But that’s not enough. On the internet, they also have to reassure people about the quality of the products. The key to success is using images that perfectly recreate materials and details.”

Arnaud Poujade, manager at Ocarat

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how to use a software to edit photos of jewels
how tu use a software to edit photographs of jewelry?
how to photograph jewelry for websites using a software?
how to photograph jewelry for websites
simple photo editing software for product photography
  • how to use a software to edit photos of jewels
  • how tu use a software to edit photographs of jewelry?
  • how to photograph jewelry for websites using a software?
  • how to photograph jewelry for websites
  • simple photo editing software for product photography
become your own product photographer for jewelry, timepieces and gemstones

Become product photographer for jewelry, gemstones and timepieces in-house

We offer training courses in product photography and animation specifically for the jewelry, watchmaking and gemstone industry.

Since 2003, our product photography specialists have trained thousands of clients. They will assist you by working with the latest Canon et Nikon technologies in combination with PackshotCreator photo solutions or other studio set-ups.
The goal is intensive practical work creating images of jewelry, precious stones, timepieces and their mechanisms to understand and master photo shoot basics.
Initial one-day training or a full course with specialization modules (360° animations, e-commerce, or even post-production with a dedicated jewellery photography software).  Once you complete your training course, you will be 100% ready to employ your photo solution and become your own product photographer.


What benefits from jewelry, gemstones and timepieces?

A jewelry businesses describes its e-commerce display

Thanks to PackshotCreator, we can obtain visuals that bring the best out of precious gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphire or ruby without relying on a professional photographer. Furthermore, our jewelries can be showcased in every angle via 360-degree animations and these offer us a competitive advantage.

Mathieu Pallay - Webmaster

Uses PackshotCreator Mini Mark II

Philippe Tournaire has revolutionized the online jewelry market in France. How? By being the firsts to make fine jewelry affordable with very competitive prices. Ocarat’s expertise and experiences made it possible to achieve such challenge. Thus the Ocarat team directly selects and buys gemstones and gold without any intermediaries.

Arnaud Poujade - Manager

Uses a Packshot studio


Before using the PackshotCreator photo studio, we used to hire the service of an external photographer whenever we needed photos of our products. In addition to the significant costs incurred, it was not always the best and the fastest solution. Our challenge was to find an easy way to produce our photos without the need to train our staffs

M. Boudier - Webmaster

Uses a Packshot studio