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From smart suitcases to tiny vintage purses, the market for luggage & leather goods is witnessing ever-increasing global demand. The evolution in points of sale, the innovation and momentum in new trends, all reflect a perpetual search for renewal.

In a volatile global market, professional product photography of your products is a decisive factor in satisfying a demanding clientele, withstanding intense competition and keeping up with numerous changes in marketing methods.

PACKSHOTCREATOR: 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE bringing your professional product photography production in-house. A preferred partner for hundreds of luggage and leather goods businesses since 2001.


Handbags, backpacks or shoulder bags, wallets, luggage sets… PackshotCreator makes creating visuals a simple and intuitive process.
  • What are the solutions for creating visuals ?
  • What kind of space do I need to bring my photo production in-house ?
  • How can I control my product photography and maintain the same visual quality without hiring a professional ?
  • What are the options to showcase the texture of my products? The leather grain, the texture of velvet or nubuck, the gloss of lacquer…
  • How can I create interactive professional product photography to showcase my product specifics ? Linings, imprinting, seams…

Our specialists have been providing answers to questions like these on a daily basis for the past 15 years.

Your photos and animations for luggage & leather goods

  • Packshot leather goods professionnal photographer

    Studios dedicated to luggage & leather goods

    PackshotCreator offers a complete range of equipment and services dedicated to product photography. Our solutions are designed and tailored for the in-house production of photographs and animations to showcase all your items and increase your productivity.
  • How to photograph a handbag?

    Gain control of your internal and client-facing communications

    Our studios allow you to create photos and animations of luggage and leather goods for e-commerce as well as all your print materials, including posters and catalogues. They will also enhance your database of product information for R&D, purchasing or quality control.
  • Packshot leather goods photographer

    A compact studio with a maximum ROI

    Our light boxes operated by PackshotCreator software are both versatile and compact. They can be adapted to any kind of configuration, whether in an office or even inside a warehouse!

Interactive visuals of leather goods for an optimal customer experience

PackshotCreator‘s automated photo studios, R3, PackshotOne, PackshotAlto Mark II, LuminaPad Mark II and the PackshotSpin turntable, are operated by the most powerful software suite on the market. Script your 360° animations with the PackshotViewer software and show your customers the craftsmanship of your products or the layout of a full grain leather handbag with a pigmented finish!

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Professional product photography: leather type, finish, trimming...

Detailed and 100% clear visuals with hyperfocus (see photo opposite of a linen bag) to showcase the characteristics of your products and provide the greatest possible amount of information: leather type, finish, trimming and more…

Enhance the visibility of textures (pigments, hides, tanning) and the craftsmanship of your items in a photo or an animation by using dynamic zoom. This allows your website visitors to examine each element in the greatest detail: everything from the shoulder strap to the monogram of a designer handbag, the studs and clasps, the leather stitching, or the slide of a zipper.

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Focus stacking Packshot Creator sofware featureHow to photograph handbag with packshot solution?

Specific features
luggage & leather goods

Time saved: a testimonial by Maro Bagages

Professional product photography, particularly to combat counterfeiting and the grey market; the simplicity of photo shoots, and most of all the speed of post-production and integration, are all essential in this ultra-dynamic market: new arrivals, new collections as well as second-hand items for sale through online platforms.
PackshotCreator allows its users to combine all three of these advantages while having the flexibility to shoot different product types.

« We regularly use the PackshotSpin studio to photograph our suitcases and handbags. Thanks to this solution, we were able to save a great deal of time on photo shoots without having to worry about the size or weight of our items. »

Yaël Magier, Senior Partner at Maro Bagages 

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How to edit product images
Packshot Creator product photo edition
Packshot for handbags, product photo edition
Packshot Creator tutorial for product photography
Photography cropping tutorial
  • How to edit product images
  • Packshot Creator product photo edition
  • Packshot for handbags, product photo edition
  • Packshot Creator tutorial for product photography
  • Photography cropping tutorial
Leather goods professional product photography

Master the art of shooting luggage & leather goods

We offer PackshotCreator training for professional product photography and animation.

Since 2003, our product photography specialists have trained thousands of clients by working with the latest Canon and Nikon technologies in combination with PackshotCreator photo solutions or other studio systems for image production.
The goal is intensive practical work to create visuals for luggage and leather goods in order to understand and master photo shoot basics.
Initial one-day training or a full course with specialization modules (animations à 360°, e-commerce, or even post-production) are available. At the end of cycle, you will be 100% ready to employ your photo solution and to become your own product photographer.


What are the benefits for luggage & leather goods?

An e-commerce businessman talks about his in-house solution

Le PackshotCreator nous a offert la possibilité de photographier en interne nos gants, sans connaissances en photographies pré-requises. Nous avons aussi gagné en liberté, car nous ne dépendons plus d'un photographe professionnel et nous obtenons le même résultat. De plus, cet outil innovant nous a permis de photographier rapidement tous nos produits pour pouvoir les intégrer sur notre site et lui donner un aspect professionnel.

Noémie Pouzol - Gérante

Uses PackshotCreator R3
le studio photo automatisé polyvalent

Maroquinerie Veber

Nous utilisons le studio PackshotSpin régulièrement pour photographier nos valises et nos sacs à main. Grâce à cette solution, nous avons pu réaliser un gain de temps important sur les shooting photos sans nous soucier de la problématique de la taille et du poids de nos bagages.

Yaël Magier - Associée principale

Uses PackshotSpin
le studio photo 360 pour vos animations d’objets

Maro Bagages