Alphashot 360

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With the Alphashot 360, capture a wide variety of small-sized products. This state-of-the-art compact automated studio will save you time, money, and space while producing perfectly consistent and high-quality content.
SKU: 232H2

Dimensions: 115 cm × 69 cm × 64 cm
Weight: 60 kg


Maximum size*: 30 cm × 30 cm × 30 cm
Maximum weight: 3 kg
Turntable diameter: 59 cm

*supplier’s dimensions – contact us to discuss about your requirements

Optimize the photography of your small-sized products with Alphashot 360

If you’re looking to showcase your small-sized products in the best possible way, the Alphashot 360 is the ideal solution for you. This automated photo studio has been specifically designed to create professional photos, 360-degree animations, and videos of glasses, shoes, smartphones, small tools, cosmetics, and much more.


The studio is fully controlled by the Orbitvu Station software, from lighting to product positioning and camera settings: capturing packshots of your products has never been easier, even for non-professionals.


The Orbitvu Station software also saves you time on numerous tedious and time-consuming tasks, starting with automatic background removal: manual clipping or reliance on external software will be a distant memory. It also allows you to save your most commonly used settings as profiles for great reproducibility and consistency in your shots.


The undeniable time, money, and space savings compared to a traditional photo studio are remarkable. With the Alphashot 360, capture professional photos of your small products in record time, without the hassle of a traditional photo studio’s logistics.

90 seconds per rotation

Produce a complete 360-degree animation in under 2 minutes, including background removal.


150 products per day

Be more productive than ever and capture up to 150 products per day.


A video in 5 minutes

Create high-quality, web-optimized videos in under 5 minutes.

Discover the content you can create with the Alphashot 360

perfume boss packshot photography
pad red packshot photography
candle packshot photography
pink glasses packshot photography
wallet packshot photography
  • perfume boss packshot photography
  • pad red packshot photography
  • candle packshot photography
  • pink glasses packshot photography
  • wallet packshot photography

Customize the Alphashot 360 with its accessories

Anti-Reflection Kit

Get soft, diffused light with this polycarbonate insert specially designed for the Alphashot 360.

Vertical Camera Mount

Secure your camera in a vertical position above your product with this finely crafted mount.

Product Positioning Kit

Precisely position your product on the studio photo set and ensure perfect consistency between each of your shots with the laser pointer of this kit.

Additional Camera Holder

Add one or more cameras using additional supports, or replace the built-in support.

Acrylic Disk With No Markings

Shoot your product videos on a smooth surface and achieve a perfect natural shadow.

Software Performance

Are you curious about the Alphashot 360?

Do you want to acquire an Alphashot 360? Do you have any questions or need additional information? Contact us: our team of experts will be happy to guide you and answer all your questions.

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