PackshotSupport: dedicated team for your product photography

If you just received a studio, if you are facing an obstacle, or if you are just curious and searching for some information for your photo project, then you are on the right page.

Welcome in the PackshotCreator family

Good news!

Marie, Katie, Océane, Greg and Thomas, our passionate and experimented team of engineers, are present and are doing their best to help you and to make your PackshotCreator experience a success.

We put at your disposal several resources, from the simple ticket to the personalized training onsite:

What do you need?

Start smoothly

Train yourself or train your team

Did you just receive your studio or did you just download the new software and wish to deepen your knowledge in the necessary features for your visual production?

Train yourself or train your team


Are you facing an obstacle and need the help of an expert?

Our team has set up different means of support,

satisfying all types of demands


The database is a library of articles written by our experts and is available for free. New articles are published daily, in order to answer all of your questions, you do not even have to submit a ticket to resolve an issue.

Submit a ticket

Submitting a ticket will allow you to be in contact via the esupport system with a technical expert. The tickets are sorted out in a first come first served basis. No delay is assigned to the ticket as it will be resolved directly. Only the “Tickets Boost” and the companies registered under an assistance contract will be prioritized.

Online support / TicketBoost

The TicketBoost is the assurance that a technical expert will give you their time in priority, to grant you support. This expert will take control of your computer remotely, through a screen sharing.



what should I do with an old photo studio?

Technology is a perpetual evolution, and you cannot ignore the fact that innovations are constant. New operating systems, new camera models, new softwares.

All of these technologies need to evolve simultaneously to ensure an optimal compatibility of the systems that support them.

It is therefore important to be conscious that a 5 year old PackshotCreator or Orbitvu system or more will face some incompatibilities.

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