LiveView : a feature to see in real time all your photographic process

A real time preview

Control your whole production directly from your screen and see the results in real time.

The LiveView was created to help you to increase your productivity and accelerate the preparation of visuals for publication.


See your visual results before you even take the picture

There is no technical manipulation to do on your equipment or cameras. Aside from the manual zoom, all the photographic process can be controlled through the Orbitu Station software‘s interface.

During in LiveView you can view and manipulate camera and light settings, as well focus, crop, and the positioning of your products. Control and preview your visual production results before even taking the pictures.

How does LiveView work:

Control all the visual production straight from the software interface:

1. Place your product
2. Make any pre-adjustments needed : light and camera settings
3. See the results live on your screen



What is liveview?

The liveview allows, when taking a picture, to see in real time the changes in the settings of a camera. When combined with product photography software, this simplifies the entire shooting process. Learn more.