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Discover our largest photo studio to date with the Fashion Studio, specifically designed for the needs of the fashion industry. Take advantage of its spacious well-lit stage that can accommodate life-size models and mannequins, and its motorized support ideal for creating product videos.
SKU: 242H9

Dimensions: 847 cm × 301 cm × 292 cm
Turntable’s diameter: 120 cm
Weight: 760 kg


Maximum size*: 200 cm × 100 cm × 200 cm
Max object weight – point load: 35 kg
Max object weight – surface load: 200 kg

*supplier’s dimensions – contact us to discuss about your requirements

Fashion photography like you've never seen before - Fashion Studio

With the unique features and benefits of the Fashion Studio, instantly capture your models or mannequins from every angle in professional-quality photos or videos.


The Fashion Studio is equipped with a large stage that you can freely customize by changing the background. Each light can be controlled individually, allowing you to adjust the brightness and colors to achieve results above and beyond your expectations. The Fashion Studio can also be used to photograph products of various sizes thanks to its additional accessories.


A professional photographer can truly unleash his creativity with the Fashion Studio, but you don’t need such experience to make the most of it: thanks to its automation, anyone can use it after a short training. Simply select the type of object being photographed in the provided software, and the Fashion Studio takes care of the rest.


By using the Fashion Studio, you can accelerate the marketing of your products, reduce your expenses, and take stunning photos of your fashion items that will make all the difference.

150+ products per day

Be more productive than ever and capture 7 images per product.


Only 1 person needed

You will only need one person to create visuals for your products, all the way from photography to online publishing.


100% in-house

Save time and money on logistics by fully controlling your content creation.

Discover everything you can do with the Fashion Studio

Men Street style fashion photography
Men Street style fashion photography
fashion model jeans photography
fashion model sport ecommerce photography
  • Men Street style fashion photography
  • Men Street style fashion photography
  • fashion model jeans photography
  • fashion model sport ecommerce photography

Customize the Fashion Studio with its accessories

Backlit turntable

Spin your products, models, and mannequins on this platform to create 360-degree views, from which you can automatically remove the background.

Motorized stand

Specify the position of the camera on 3 axes (height, tilt, and zoom) and create dynamic videos with automatic elevation change.

Magic Table

Place your small products at the perfect height with this Magic Table, without any additional post-production: the software will automatically recognize the Magic Table and remove it from your shots, as if by magic.

Operator stand

With this operator stand, you will have access to a dedicated computer connected to the Fashion Studio, allowing you to control it with just a few clicks.


Hang your clothes on this tool to take flat-lay photographs of your products.

Software Performance

Are you curious about the Fashion Studio?

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