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Take your flat-lay photography to the next level with the Alphatable, a studio specifically designed for this technique. Its backlit surface and light panels are perfect for creating stunning top-down photos of your clothes, rugs, or any other product measuring up to 165 cm by 112 cm. You can also opt for its little sister, the Alphadesk, if you want to photograph smaller products or enjoy the benefits of the Alphatable at a lower cost.
SKU: 236H2


Dimensions: 156 cm × 124 cm × 138 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Maximum size of the product*: 85 cm × 70 cm × 5 cm
Maximum weight of the product: 10 kg


Dimensions: 255 cm × 191 cm × 248 cm
Weight: 200 kg
Maximum size of the product*: 165 cm × 112 cm × 5 cm
Maximum weight of the product: 80 kg

*supplier’s dimensions – contact us to discuss about your requirements

The Alphatable: the number one solution for flat-lay photography

Push the boundaries of flat lay photography with the Alphatable. Its design and integrated software have been specifically crafted to facilitate flat lay sessions, as well as stop-motion animations.


With its backlit table, advanced lighting system, and handy features like automatic background removal and saving settings as reusable templates… Once you’ve tried the Alphatable, there’s no going back.


Even non-photographers can easily use the Alphatable thanks to its intuitive design and particularly clear user interface.


Don’t need to photograph large products or looking for a space-saving solution? If so, you’ll love the Alphadesk: the Alphatable’s little sister, the Alphadesk can be directly placed on a table or desk and allows you to photograph smaller clothes and accessories easily, all at a lower cost.


With the Alphatable and the Alphadesk, flat lay photography becomes a breeze, saving you time and money.

60 packshots per hour

In just one minute, create a ready-to-publish packshot for the web with its background automatically removed.


Only 1 person required

You’ll only need one person to create visuals of your products, from photography all the way to online publishing.


100% visual content consistency

Enhance your brand awareness with impeccable visual consistency from one image to another.

Discover the content you can create with the Alphatable or the Alphadesk

woman jacket flat lay photo
violet coat flat lay photo
silver dress flat lay photo
red dress flat photography
jeans trousers flat photo
  • woman jacket flat lay photo
  • violet coat flat lay photo
  • silver dress flat lay photo
  • red dress flat photography
  • jeans trousers flat photo

Customize the Alphatable with its accessories

Operator stand

With this operator stand, you will have access to a dedicated computer connected to the Alphatable, allowing you to control it with just a few clicks.

Additional camera holder

Add an additional close-up view by installing a second camera on the Alphatable.

Software Performance

Color Conversion
Drop Shadow

Are you curious about the Alphatable or Alphadesk?

Do you want to acquire an Alphatable or an Alphadesk? Do you have any questions or need additional information? Contact us: our team of experts will be happy to guide you and answer all your questions.

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