Automated Photo Solutions Dedicated to Sports Product Photography

PackshotCreator offers a range of sports product photography solutions dedicated to any sporting goods and athletic products. With no experience required, our photo studios, wireless LED lights kit, and 360 turntables are fully controlled by a unique software. The sports product photography software combines light, camera and turntable settings into a single workflow to facilitates and accelerates productivity. Whether it is for your ecommerce, website, or social media, take hundreds of photos of your sporting goods per day and create 360 and 3D animations on pure white and transparent background. Do it in-house today!

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Stand Out of the Competition

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The sporting goods industry is a large and competitive sector. To get ahead the competition and succeed, you need more than just good photos. You want professional quality images, videos and more unique approaches of transmitting value to potential customers.

Use PackshotCreator photo studios to take professional still photos and create interactive 360 animations and videos, as well as 3D views in hemispherical and spherical formats. Eliminate the need of post-production editing and create images that are ready to be published in the web.


Your Sports Product Photography on Pure White Backgrounds

The dimmable LED lighting coming from the bottom of our photo studios and 360 turntables, make it easy to create sports product photography on pure white backgrounds for printing or eCommerce websites.

You can also take shots and 360 views on transparent backgrounds, thanks to the PackshotCreator’s background removal technology that allows you to automatically delete the background during image taking. You can then replace these backgrounds with a color or image of your choice before saving the files. This automatically process will save your company a lot of time and money.

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360 Sports Product Animations

Show your sports product from every angle! Use our 360 photo studios or bottom lit turntables to create interactive 360 animations on pure white and transparent backgrounds. These systems are combined with a photography software that synchronizes image taking with turntable movements and automates photo stitching, processing and saving. Anyone in your company can create these ready-to-use visuals in few minutes. No experience is required!

Examples of Sports Product Photography


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