Food product photography with e-commerce automated photo studios

Ever since the first reality TV cooking shows appeared in 2002, the culinary arts have been in the spotlight. With a market share of over 600 billion euros, the cooking and tableware industry is producing an increase amount of entrepreneurship and communications. Why would you need to create your own food product photography ? Culinary and agro-food businesses are subject to strict hygiene regulations. They are required to provide consumers with evidence of their product safety. Yet they also have to follow trends and high standards in their visual aids.


Whether for culinary preparations, agro-food products, tableware or cooking utensils, PackshotCreator makes image production a simple, intuitive process.


  • What are the best visuals to showcase my dishes / products / tableware and show buyers my product ingredient list ?
  • Which solutions for image production are best suited to my industry ?
  • What are the norms and standards for culinary and agribusiness photography ?
  • Can I set up a photo studio in my lab, kitchen, or directly in my office space ?
  • What’s the best way to photograph plastic, reflective and glossy product packaging ?
  • How to become a professional food photographer?
  • What kind of lighting will enhance photographs of cooked/raw dishes and make my customers hungry for more ?


Our specialists have been providing answers to questions like these on a daily basis for the past 18 years.




A powerful compact solution to improve your image production times

PackshotCreator studios have been specially designed to be both versatile and compact. Designed to take up the least amount of space, they are built to work anywhere and can be set up directly in your lab, kitchen or in the backroom of shop.


A la carte studios that meet every requirement of culinary photo shoots

PackshotCreator offers services and solutions tailor-made for culinary photography and all its challenges. Our software suite allows you to deal with reflective and transparent packaging, modulate the lighting on your dishes and provides you with an optimal environment for your photo shoots.


Diversify your e-commerce visuals and internal communications

Each of the images you capture with PackshotCreator solutions can be exported across multiple formats. Our solutions allow you to distribute images for e-commerce, catalogues, brochures, sales, R&D, even quality control.

Compact packshot automated photo studio
White backgound culinary photos
food product photography for ecommerce
  • Compact packshot automated photo studio
  • White backgound culinary photos
  • food product photography for ecommerce


Pastry packshot photography white background

The need for visuals in the culinary industry is growing exponentially with the growing number of trends and communication media (press, recipe books, social media) as well as the arrival of an internet behemoth on the scene in 2015. Efficiency, creativity and speed are essential for any business that wants to safeguard its place on the web. There are also photo shoot costs to be considered, especially when you have to photograph thousands of items to a uniform standard.


The PackshotCompactPackshotOnePackshotCreator R3, and PackshotCreator Mini Mark II photography studios are operated by the most powerful software suite on the market. Its features allow you to enhance the color and texture of a prepared dish, a designer cake, a silver dinnerware set or a high gloss sorbet with variable lighting intensity that can be adjusted in multiple image zones.

Increase your productivity with memorized object placementmulti-shooting and multi-product cropping assistance without lowering image quality by combining all the software features.


Precision and detail are two essential elements in the presentation of food product photography. There are strict labelling standards for pre-packages goods, and some elements like ingredients, origin, weight, and lot number must be visible to the consumer. Furthermore, the public’s growing awareness of the importance of a healthy, balanced diet has made consumers more discerning about their food choices.


Images of your dishes and preparations need to be clear, legible, and visually clean to inspire confidence in their quality and safety. These images must also awaken the senses and the imagination of consumers, viewers, trend followers and food addicts. The Hyperfocus feature allows you to obtain 100% clear photographs for all your products and arrangements, like images of a gourmet gift basket and each of its items. Adding a 20x zoom function gives them the option of learning more about a product’s composition before buying. The variable lighting in our studios lets you adjust the lighting and highlight the glistening skin of a roast chicken or the smooth texture of a smoothie bowl.

These features combined with automatic background removal assistance empower you to add your agro-food and culinary images in all your media.

photo after background removal
photo before background removal

Features dedicated for food products

Automatic background removal
Multi Product Capture

What benefits for the culinary industry?

  • Boost your conversion rate with enhanced details

    Show your culinary and tableware products in every angle and let customer zoom the entire image (not just one section) to 500x, even when dishes are 360° animated. The customer can zoom in on one section of the dish, and then browse the entire image without losing the magnification. Research shows that the more potential customers have access to detailed interactive visuals (360° animations, focus stacking), the higher the conversion rate.

  • Automate production of your culinary packshots

    Cooking equipment, utensils and accessories, dishware, agro-food products, and others. Whether you have 50 or 2000 items to photograph, PackshotCreator software eliminates back-and-forth travel to outside service providers and streamline photoshoots: product placement assistance, memorization of batch parameters to produce uniform images of a range of chef's knives, for example, simultaneous export of images to multiple file formats, and many more possibilities.

  • Quality photographs available right away

    Your choice of lighting (daylight or other) and modular anodized aluminum panels combined with PackshotCreator software give you complete control over your production of visuals. You can choose whether to photograph items against a white or transparent background in just a few clicks.

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