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Control multiple photo studios simultaneously from a single software

Control multiple studios together

Conduct multiple photo studios together from the same software  with the PackshotMultiControl feature.

Simply connect the different studios to a single computer. Then, control them simultaneously from the software interface.

A single software controls all the studios

Either you are connecting two or more photo studios together, a photo studio with a 360° turntable, or a turntable with a lighting kit: everything can be controlled simultaneously.

Thanks to PackshotMultiControl feature you can control multiple photo studios at the same time from a single software. You can view and use all the main features in real time on the same screen: LightControl, background removal features or Drop Shadow.

Then you can use those systems to take still photographs, multi views or 360° animations and videos of your products.

how to control multiple photo studios simultaneouly

How to control various photo studios together:

1. Connect your photos studios to the computer
2. Open the software
3. The software automatically recognize the studios connected
4. On the same capture interface you can see and control your photo studios


How to control several photo studios at the same time?

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