Stand Out from Competitors

  •  Bring it inhouse – Easy-to-use software workflow allows any team member to develop full spherical and hemispherical product animations, regardless of their experience.
  • Quick & simple – Quickly create web-ready 3D views of  products in only a few minutes.
  • Detailed visualDon’t let customers miss a single detail ! Add deep zoom to 3D animations to display all important details of your products and to take full advantage of your camera settings.
  • Flexible & practical – Take and export single files in JPG, PNG, TIFF, or RAW formats and/or import them into PackshotCreator‘s software to create 360 degree and 3D animations.
  • Appealing product views – Interactive 3D product animations increase conversion rates when selling online and permit business to better communicate their product.
  • Save, host & share – Automatically create spherical and hemispherical animations and instantly upload them to the web. Learn how

3D Product Photography

MacroSphere X5

With five camera supports*, the MacroSphere X5 allows you to take pictures from five different angles simultaneously. In addition to increasing productivity, you can easily create hemispherical and spherical animations of your products.

The distance of each camera, the angle of each view, the degrees between each camera, the workflow of the software: everything has been finely and intelligently calculated so that you can, in a few minutes, obtain a maximum of photos of your product, from all angles.

Specially designed for the Macro range of photo studios dedicated to jewelry and gemstone photography, the MacroSphere X5 can be combined with the following photo studios PackshotMacro DL, PackshotMacro RE, and PackshotMacro DIS.

* cameras not included


PackshotDual Capture

The PackshotDual Capture  works with any PackshotCreator solution that has a turntable to create interactive dual row 3D views of products of any size. Dual row product views are more flexible and offer potential customers more information than a regular 360° animation.

3D product photography turntable and equipments
3d product photography
  • 3D product photography turntable and equipments
  • 3d product photography

A Perfect Combination

Combine our 3D equipments with a 360° turntable or photo studio to create not only 3D, but also still photographs, multi views and 360° animations and videos of all products. Control these paired solutions simultaneously from the same software. View and use unique software features such as LightControlbackground removal features, Custom Defined, and others  in real time on the same monitor.

Add a stand-alone 360 turntable
Add a 360 photo studio

More Essentials 3D Product Photography Software Features

  • Takes up to 1024 images in up to 10 rows
  • Control at the same time up to 10 compatibles cameras
  • Manage different 3D equipment, turntable, and photo studios simultaneously from the same software
  • Memorize products position by saving ghost images. Then reapply them to increase product photography homogeneity
  • Quickly take 3D product views on pure white backgrounds
  • Easily create 3D animations on transparent backgrounds
  • Develop spherical and hemispherical animations in minutes
  • Increase image taking for JPG, PNG, TIFF, RAW, HTML5, GIF, MOV, MP4 output
  • Batch editing, cropping, stitching and exporting
  • Simple to learn and use. No experience required

Interactive 3D Product Animations

Boost your website’s conversion rate: provide visitors with interactive 3D product animations. Orbitvu Station software allows users to fully customize their spherical and hemispherical animations by adding buttons, zoom, hyperlinks and defining speed, movement and much more. These interactive animations can be then upload on the web and will be compatible with all reading media for viewing on smartphones and tablets Android, Mac and PC.