Wine photography for ecommerce with automated photo solutions

Create your own wine photography thanks to PackshotCreator. In recent years, wines market has seen some important shifts, like the emergence of the Asian market and the increase in exports to the USA. These changes show that the countries that traditionally produce wine are not always the biggest buyers on the market.

The exponential growth in digital sales and marketing platforms — like specialist wine websites, online review sites and smartphone apps — has considerably increased the demand for visual aids..

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create spirits and wine photography
Co-ops, vineyards, pure players, big distributors… PackshotCreator solutions are tailored to the needs of any wine and spirits business, making image production a simple, intuitive process.
  • What are the different types of solutions for in-house image production?
  • How can I display all the details of a bottle: front and back labels, liquid contents…?
  • What photography skills do you need to use a PackshotCreator photo studio?
  • What kind of support do you offer for in-house wine and spirits photography?
  • How do you deal with reflections, transparency, and color rendering for glass bottles and their contents?
Our specialists have been providing answers to questions like these on a daily basis for the past 18 years.



Minimum space, maximum ROI

A PackshotCreator box studio is compact and versatile, and will quickly find a place in an office, storage or stock room. Our all-in-one solutions come with their own lighting system and operating software for completely independent image production.


A diffuse lighting environment ideally suited to wines and spiries

The 100% LED lighting environment and the materials of PackshotCreator box studios give you optimal control over details and effects in your bottle images: transparency, reflections, the robe of the wine (white, rosé, sparkling), label details of great vintages destined for auction…


Bolster your internal and client-facing communications

Create visuals to feed your e-commerce site, your online auction catalogue of grands crus, product info for a mobile app or your coop purchasing service…

photograph your spirits bottle with automated photo studios
close up photo of spirits bottle
top shot of spirits bottle
  • photograph your spirits bottle with automated photo studios
  • close up photo of spirits bottle
  • top shot of spirits bottle


How to avoid reflections when photographing a wine bottle

The PackshotCompactPackshotMini Mark II and PackshotCreator R3 Mark II wine photography studios are operated by the most powerful software suite on the market. You can easily become your own wine photographer. The design of the modular panels, the use of multiple diffuse light sources which can be used separately or together, calibrated daylight and the size of the PackshotCreator R3 Mark II let your create perfect results and photograph any size of bottle or container, from a piccolo to a Melchior, all the way up to magnum. Your images will display all the the details on front and back labels, like the age and origin of a richly storied single malt…


Creating custom animations (like the 360° animation opposite) lets you communicate information and build trust to bolster your sales of spirits and IGP or AOP wines. You’ll be able to make annotations to show a vintage’s unique characteristics: magnifying glass effect on the deep rich colour of the robe or on back label text about the vineyards where the grapes were grown; notes on the history of a rare vintage, its alcohol content or its past ownership…


PackshotCreator automated photo studios are operated by the most powerful software suite on the market. The production process is streamlined from start to finish, from the placement of your wine and spirit bottles to exporting finished images. The wine business is all about passion, which is why we offer photo studios that will facilitate some of your key marketing tasks. Our software lets you save photo shoot settings like lightingproduct placement, framing, and image export formats so you can re-use them in multiple photo shoots for a vintage of red wine from Burgundy, a selection of bourbons or a range of vodka. Set up professional photo shoots as efficiently as possible, on your own schedule.


The multi-product cropping feature lets you shoot images of three wine bottles from the same varietal, then automatically divide and export them onto separate files (see image opposite).

how to crop wine bottles photography
professional wine photography


Stored Custom Profiles
Ghost Image
Magnification Tool

Create still photos or 360° animations of your wine bottles, liquor bottles, or miniatures. Then add a magnification tool and show each element of your products in detail. For example, information on the varietal displayed on the front and back of the label, state of the label, level of wine in the bottle, state of the cap, and others.

  • Your vintages in every detail

    The progressive zoom enlarges the entire image (not just one section) to 20x, even when a bottle is 360° or 3D animated. The client can zoom in to see one of the 8 required indications on the label, then browse the entire image without losing the degree of magnification. Research shows that the more potential customers have access to detailed interactive visuals (360° animations, Focus Stacking), the higher the conversion rate.

  • Produce uniform images of your bottles

    In the wine and spirits industry, there's a large number of images that need to be updated, especially with new arrivals and vintages. Whether you have 50 or 2000 items to photograph, PackshotCreator software eliminates back-and-forth trips to outside service providers and standardizes photo shoots with features like product placement assistance, memorization of batch parameters to produce uniform images of all your bottles, and simultaneous export of images to multiple file formats.

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