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Discover the Bike Studio, the photography studio dedicated to bicycles and cycling accessories. With its unique suspension kit, effortlessly capture your bikes without worrying about the background, which will be easily removed. Streamline your workflow and easily capture these particularly demanding products with the Bike Studio.
SKU: 242H6

Dimensions: 847 cm × 301 cm × 292 cm
Weight: 800 kg


Maximum size* : 200 cm × 100 cm × 200 cm
Max object weight – point load: 35 kg
Max object weight – surface load: 200 kg

*supplier’s dimensions – contact us to discuss about your requirements

Cycling photography at its peak with the Bike Studio

The Bike Studio is an innovative photo studio specializing in bicycles, cycling accessories, and sportswear. This studio is equipped to capture still photos, 360-degree views, and videos to help showcase your products. Thanks to a clever system, suspend a bike in the studio to photograph it from all angles.


The Bike Studio is ideal for professionals seeking high-quality content, as well as non-professionals who want to create exceptional visuals without the need for an external photographer and the associated costs. A short training is enough to fully utilize all the possibilities that the studio offers.


With the Bike Studio, you can create 360-degree animations and upload them to your e-commerce website in less than 8 minutes. Additionally, this studio has been built using sturdy and durable materials to ensure its reliability over time.


We have thought of every little detail to simplify our customers’ lives and allow them to reduce their time to market without sacrificing quality. With the Bike Studio, create professional-quality content of your bikes in-house and achieve large-scale savings while unleashing your creativity.

100% in-house

Save time and money by having full control over your content creation.


7 minutes to create a 360 animation

Create stunning 360-degree animations of your bikes with an automatically removed background.


Only 1 person needed

You will only need one person to create visuals of your products, from photography all the way to online publishing.

Discover everything you can do with the Bike Studio

turquoise bike detail kiox packshot
grey bike packshot photo
bike trailer side packshot
bike fashion model packshot
  • turquoise bike detail kiox packshot
  • grey bike packshot photo
  • bike trailer side packshot
  • bike fashion model packshot

Customize the Bike Studio with its accessories

Backlit turntable

Spin your products, models, and mannequins on this platform to create 360-degree views, from which you can automatically remove the background.

Magic Table

Place your small products at the perfect height with this Magic Table, without any additional post-production: the software will automatically recognize the Magic Table and remove it from your shots, as if by magic.

Operator stand

With this operator stand, you will have access to a dedicated computer connected to the Bike Studio, allowing you to control it with just a few clicks.

Bike pull-up system

A convenient system usable from the ground. Hang your bike in seconds and rotate it to get 360° views.

Software Performance

Predefined models
Software controlled
Instant online upload

Save all your settings from your shooting session, including lighting, camera, and editing settings, for quick reuse later on.

With the Bike Studio, your computer becomes the control center. Whether it’s adjusting your camera settings or lights, you can do it all easily from your laptop.

All your photos or videos can be directly uploaded to e-commerce platforms, including YouTube and various social networks.

Are you curious about the Bike Studio?

Do you want to acquire a Bike Studio? Do you have any questions or need additional information? Contact us: our team of experts will be happy to guide you and answer all your questions.

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