Live View
Reference grid
Automatic cropping
Ghost image
Multimedia export
Standardized rendering
100% controlled camera
Automated remote shooting
Batch editing
Magnifying class addition
Deep zoom X20
Intelligent image distribution
Enrichment option

Allows, via the PackshotViewer software, the addition of texts, images, or external links directly onto the animation, and advanced scriptwriting of the products’ movements (HTML5 animation).

Full Lighting
Modular box
Detachable panels
MultiShoot system
Automated multi-angle shooting
Multi-product capture
Editing and touch ups by batch
Custom file naming system

Thanks to this PackshotCreator software function, automate the naming of your series of images to better organize your files: determine the syntax of your images (made up of a principal name and a row) and their storage location.

Responsive design
3D flow
BOB Capture
Structured light system
Ghost model
Kit White FX
Automated photo studio
Steered rotating plate
Six degrees of Freedom (6doF)
Augmented Reality (AR)
Virtual Reality (VR)
Photographic workflow
Worn shooting
Flat lay shooting