Alphashot XL

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Thanks to its flexibility, the Alphashot XL is the best solution for showcasing your small or medium-sized products. Creating high-quality packshot photos, 360-degree animations, or even professional videos in-house has never been easier. Take advantage of the automation and advanced lighting of the Alphashot XL to present your products in the best possible way, and customize it to your needs with its numerous accessories!
SKU: 234H11

Dimensions: 142 cm × 87 cm × 176 cm
Weight: 137 kg


Maximum size*: 50 cm × 30 cm × 70 cm
Maximum weight: 25 kg
Turntable diameter: 75 cm

*supplier’s dimensions – contact us to discuss about your requirements

Content creation at its peak - Alphashot XL

The Alphashot XL is equipped with all the features you need to create exceptional visuals of your products, whether it’s packshot photography, 360-degree animations or videos.


Designed for small and medium-sized products, the Alphashot XL is the ideal tool for professional photographers and businesses that need to create high-quality photographs for their catalogs, e-commerce websites and social media. Its state-of-the-art lighting ensures uniform light that can be controlled in every detail. Thanks to its intuitive software, this studio is easy to use, greatly streamlining the content creation process.


You can also customize the Alphashot XL with a wide range of accessories to adapt it to your specific needs. With this great flexibility, the Alphashot XL can capture a multitude of products that are often difficult to photograph.


By choosing the Alphashot XL, you not only save time and space compared to a traditional studio but you can also be certain that your products will always be presented in their best light.

90 seconds per rotation

Produce a complete 360-degree animation in less than 2 minutes.


150 products per day

Be more productive than ever and capture up to 150 products per day.


A video in 3 minutes or less

Create high-quality, web-optimized videos in less than 3 minutes.

Discover the content you can create with the Alphashot XL

wineglass blue packshot photography
speaker packshot photography
red shoes packshot photography
headphones red packshot photography
  • wineglass blue packshot photography
  • speaker packshot photography
  • red shoes packshot photography
  • headphones red packshot photography

Customize the Alphashot XL with its accessories

Operator stand

With this operator stand, you will have access to a dedicated computer connected to the Alphashot XL, allowing you to control it with just a few clicks.

Ring light

Illuminate your products from above and eliminate any shadows inside.

Multi camera rig

Use up to 5 devices on a special arm to create aerial views of your products, as well as multiple 360-degree rotations for 3D modeling.

Top camera support + motorized zoom

Take overhead photos while benefiting from a motorized suspension support.

Light diffusers

Adjust the brightness and gradients of your headlights to have full control over your lighting.

Software Performance

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