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Toy photography and animation should enchant kids while providing parents with all the relevant information about quality and safety standards. Online marketplaces have changed consumers’ buying habits and created new business opportunities.

Become product photographer and make visuals a crucial element for business success. Whether it be for traditional brands, cross channel marketing or pure play, the toy and leisure goods market is enormous and highly regulated, with an ever increasing number of sales platforms and intense competition around new technologies.

PACKSHOTCREATOR: 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE bringing your image production in-house. A preferred partner for numerous toy and leisure businesses since 2001.


Wether it’s e-commerce, photos of miniature toys and accessories, online catalogues, fun animations, detailed packaging visuals to check security standards for every item… PackshotCreator makes it simple and intuitive to create photos and animations that faithfully capture your product visuals.
  • How can I create professional quality images that build trust with parents?
  • How do I deal with annoying reflections on items in shiny plastic packaging ?
  • What types of toy visuals will make me stand out from the competition?
  • What are the solutions for image production?
  • How much space do I need for an in-house studio?
  • How can photographs reveal the difference between genuine and counterfeit items?

For the past 15 years, our experts have been providing answers to these questions and many more.

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Toys and games: products photographer solutions

  • how to use a photo machine to photograph toys

    Photography studios suited to your workplace and image requirements

    Our solutions are designed to offer maximum capacity in a compact, adjustable configuration. PackshotCreator photos studios, operated by an advanced software suite, are automated and independent.
  • photo of toys on e-commerce websites

    Toys and leisure: in-house photography and animations

    PackshotCreator offers a complete range of advanced photo studios dedicated to producing images of all kinds of board games, Montessori toys, stuffed animals, dolls, accessories and more. Our solutions are equipped with advanced technology that lets you create visuals that are up the standards of your demanding clientele while also bringing them novelty and entertainment.
  • e-commerce platform with photos of toys and games

    Versatile images that can be exported onto multiple formats

    Our studios give you the freedom to simply and efficiently produce photos and animations for your internal departments, quality control, R&D, security testing, sales, brochures, catalogues, e-commerce...

Create dynamic visuals for a stronger customer experience

You need detailed visuals, but you also need visuals that are fun. If you want to stand out from the competition and the online marketplaces that are getting over half of the sales in this industry, it’s essential to provide clear, interactive photos and animations.
The PackshotOne, PackshotMini Mark II and PackshotCreator R3 studios let you create outstanding multi-angle visuals and 360° animations that are fun for the little ones and garner trust with your adult audience.

With cropping assistance, you can create creative montages of your toys, stuffed animals, drones, dolls or miniature cars…

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Unlimited detailed images of your toys

The toy industry sells products to a young, vulnerable audience. The standardization of European safety norms as well as rigorous testing and evaluation procedures push businesses to be responsible for their own product safety. Nevertheless, these precautions have not eliminated counterfeiting, which is as big as ever. Our hyperfocus tool lets you provide 100% clear visuals, showing your items in detail and assuring clients that they meet every safety standard: CE logo, warnings, instructions, certificates of chemical and mechanical safety…

In combination with our fully LED lighting system, hyperfocus also lets you shoot photos of very small items. You will be able to photograph small-scale toys and accessories for board games, model kits, dolls and figurines, so you can share comprehensive images and animations of your product ranges.

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photo of board game before focus stackingboard games creative photo montage

Popular features for toys and games

Coordinated, responsive solutions: a testimonial by Asmodee

One of the top challenges of in-house image production for toys of all kinds — action figures and other figurines, building blocks, dolls, outdoor games, card and board games, stuffed animals or hobby supplies — is consistently following the style sheet. With the intuitive software functions that accompany all PackshotCreator studios, you can shoot large numbers of items and still produce uniform visual results:
“PackshotCreator lets us quickly photograph all our board games for our sales website, without needing to hire a professional. Asmodee has a very large range of games, so it was becoming important for us to have fast, professional results for our visuals. Thanks to this solution, we can now carry out our photo shoots in-house.” 

Marc Mathaly, Desktop Publishing Department, Asmodee

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e-commerce photos of toys and games
how to use the PackshotCreator software to edit pictures
how to use the software to edit photographs of toys
PackshotCreator 360 degree view photography
how to crop a photo of toys on a software
  • e-commerce photos of toys and games
  • how to use the PackshotCreator software to edit pictures
  • how to use the software to edit photographs of toys
  • PackshotCreator 360 degree view photography
  • how to crop a photo of toys on a software
how to photopgraphs toys with a photo machine

Master in-house photo shoots of toys and accessories

We offer product photography and studio animation courses specifically designed for toy industry professionals.

Since 2003, our product photographers have trained thousands of customers. They will guide you through the process using the latest Canon and Nikon technologies in combination with PackshotCreator photo solutions and other studio set-ups.

The goal is intensive practical work creating visuals of toys, hobby and craft items, in order to understand and master the basics of photo shoots and studio animation.
You can choose between an initial one-day course or a full training cycle with specialization modules (360° animations, e-commerce, or post-production). When you complete the training , you will be 100% ready to use your photo solution and become your own product photographer.


What benefits for the toy industry?

An online toy retailer describes their display

The 360° animations make up, for now, roughly one third of the catalogue. This feature is well received by customers, who are always surprised to see that they can turn a toy around in order to see every angle.

Olivier Delannoy - Manager

Uses PackshotCreator R3

Jouets et Merveilles

The PackshotSpin is the ideal solution to answer to our most urgent requests, explains Frédéric Roussel, Graphics Manager at Smobytoys. We place the item, we click and the picture is done!

Frédéric Roussel - Graphics Manager

Uses PackshotSpin Series

Smoby Toys