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In-house automated photography for art & antiquities products

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Digital images are becoming a popular tool in the art and antiquities market. They are helping to advertise and document artwork and antiquities. With automated photography solutions they can also be used to create authentication and insurance papers for any kind of artwork, collectible or antique. Shored up by growing profits, art professionals are promoting and selling artworks and antiquities to an increasingly global clientele. State-of-the-art digital photographs and animations play a key role in this booming international trade. In- house image production can be used not only for marketing purposes, but also for internal documents and communications.


Paintings, statues, antique furniture, coin collections, lithographs… PackshotCreator automated photography for art & antiquities products become a simple and intuitive process.
  • What equipment is necessary to produce visuals for antiques, collections, or artwork on my website or print catalogue?
  • Do these solutions take care of any logistics, insurance, or conservation-related constraints?
  • Does the automated photography process respect the unique characteristics of the works that are being photographed (e.g. texture, materials, metals, finish…)?
  • How should you photograph an artwork to showcase its patina or paint pigments?
  • What technology is best suited to creating virtual museums?

Our specialists have been providing answers to these questions, and many more, over the past 15 years.

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Your PackshotCreator automated photography for art & antiquities

  • 360 shooting arts objects

    Photographic solutions tailored to your artworks and collections

    PackshotCreator now offers and complete, advanced rance of automated studios, equipment and services. They can be used to create in-house photos and animations, and are designed to automate shooting from multiple angles without having to move the subject.
  • artefact professional studio photography solution

    For internal and client-facing communications

    Our studios are set up to produce photos and animations for e-commerce, for art gallery catalogues, digital conservation, archiving or even insurance purposes.
  • how to photograph paintings with PackshotCreator

    Minimum space requirements, maximum security

    A compact, versatile box can easily be stored in the storeroom next to the sales room or in an auctioneer's office. It avoids the need to go back-and-forth with service providers while helping you to better protect and conserve fragile, valuable works of art.

Bring your art & collectibles photography in-house

There are two options designed to configure in-house automated photography studios : LuminaPad+ Mark II. These two allow multiple types of shooting like for instance, a light table photo shoot of a medal collection using backlighting. A variety of configurations also allow for vertical shooting of statuettes and other artwork in backlit studio background mode.
The recoding of object placement (Ghost Image), the creation of personalized studio lighting profiles and the PackshotOneClick function allow you to save a considerable amount of time. For instance, you can create online sales catalogues or printed catalogues (statuette series, medal collections, vintage wine collections…). Another feature to speed up your production of visuals: multi-product shooting. This tool allows you to simultaneously photograph several objects such as coins or stamps in a single collection. It is then possible to separate the images and export a separate photo file for each.

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virtual museum augmented reality photo solution

Scalable photo solutions for all your artworks

In backlit mode, the LuminaPad can be combined with the turntable PackshotSpin to create visuals such as 360° animations of a period armchair, a porcelain teapot, or bronze trim… To model objects in 3D, PackshotCreator offers a range of tailored solutions: MaestroBot studios and equipment.

The PackshotCreator R3 is another automated photography solution to create photos on a pure white background, multi-angle visuals and 360° animations of your art and antiquities. Reveal every detail: the patina of a piece in bronze, the rim of a coin, the white veneer of porcelain or the tone and pigment of a painting. Its lighting and patented turntable provides you with an optimal, high-precision environment to produce your visuals.

Interactive visuals to preserve your original works of art

Antiquities may be unique, rare, sometimes fragile objects. Transfers to and from external providers put their integrity and conservation to the test. Such logistical constraints generate additional costs in terms of transport, labor, insurance, and intractable processing times. Acquiring an in-house photo studio for the creation of in-house artwork visuals is the perfect way to cut costs and deal with these challenges.

« During a photo shoot, the smart software built into our visual solutions greatly reduces the need to move objects around. The production of your visuals and animations is accomplished remotely, in a computer-operated process. This optimizes your time management and your photo shoots. From digitally recorded object placement and lighting profiles to photography-synchronized turntables, our features are specifically designed to reduce the need to move and handle your artworks.”


Laurent Wainberg, founder and director of PackshotCreator

professional artworks photographer

Features dedicated to the creation of artwork visuals

Ultra-intuitive software and solutions

In-house automated photography process with PackshotCreator software

Assisted by the PackshotCreator software during the shoot, each photo is tagged, cropped (see example in image), lightly retouched, and resized using the parameters applicable to product batches. Send out your 360°, customized and 3D sequences to provide your visitors with a truly immersive experience, whether on a website, a leisurely visit, or an interactive guided tour.

PackshotCreator technologies
360 animation tutorial
edition photo tutorial
packshot tutorial artwork on software
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  • 360 animation tutorial
  • edition photo tutorial
  • packshot tutorial artwork on software
  • software photography
automated photography for artwork and collectibles

Master the art of shooting artwork and antiques

We offer training options tailored to art market professionals.

Since 2003, our product photography specialists have trained thousands of customers working with the latest Canon and Nikon technologies in combination with PackshotCreator automated photography solutions and other in-studio systems for visual production.
The goal is intensive practical work creating visuals for artwork, collections, antique furniture and more, in order to understand and master photo shoot basics.
Initial training over one day or a full training cycle with specialization modules (animations à 360°, e-commerce, macrophotography or even post-production), at the end of cycle, you will be 100% ready to employ your photo solution and to become your own product photographer.


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An art market professional talks about her experience with PackshotCreator

Each photo is then entered, slightly edited, and resized using integrated editing tools. Everything is done in a few clicks. After the shooting, the photographed lots can then be immediately returned to the safe. The advantage of a home studio is undeniable. LAC Paris was quickly able to place lots online, with three to four thematic auctions per month.

Virginie Pillon - Associate

Uses LuminaPad+

LAC Paris

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