how to photograph cosmetics with PackshotCreator

How to realize beauty products photography with PC-controlled photo studios?

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The use of the web has exponentially increased the need for visuals in all areas of beauty and cosmetics: 

From development to sales, and for products including skincare, haircare, make-up, toiletries, perfumery and organics. Discover our automated photo studios and services helping you create your own beauty products photography & animation.

PACKSHOTCREATOR: 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE bringing your beauty products photography production. A trusted partner for numerous cosmetics and scent businesses since 2001.


PackshotCreator is the automated photo solution to produce all your visuals in-house from A to Z, no matter how many items you have to photograph: skin and haircare, make-up, new scent collections or beauty boxes.
  • How can I organize my image production process to minimize delays?
  • How can I make my internal communications more effective and more interactive?
  • Is it possible to set up a automated photo studio in my workspace?
  • What visuals can I create to showcase the varied textures of my beauty products?
  • What are the methods for dealing with reflections and transparency in product packaging?

Our specialists have been providing answers to questions like these on a daily basis for the past 15 years.

We advise you

All your beauty products photography in-house

  • photography of cosmetics through a compact photo machine

    Minimum space, maximum ROI

    Emulsions, skin creams, scented candles, moisturizers, baby care ranges... You can create photos and animations of all your products in the same PackshotCreator studio. Versatile and compact, it fits into practically any space.
  • packshot beauty box ecommerce

    Automated in-house photo studios

    PackshotCreator offers a uniform, advanced range of equipment and services. It's used to produce photos and animations of toiletries, perfumes, make-up and skincare, no matter how many items there are to photograph.
  • photo shooting cosmetics beauty products on software

    Connect with your employees and your clients!

    PackshotCreator services and solutions allow you to create photos and animations for internal and external communications, e.g. by setting up and sharing a database for grouping purchases in the cosmetics industry.

Photos and animations to show your beauty products in their best light

The PackshotMacro R, PackshotCreatorMini Mark II et PackshotCreator R3 studios are operated by the most high performance software suite on the market.. They allow you to produce HD and multi-angle professional photos, clipped or on a white background. You can use images of prototypes, perfume bottles or cosmetics to approve a design before sending it to the manufacturer.

Beauty products photography – Be creative with various ways to shoot your items

The configuration of our photography kits allows you to shoot your items from the front or in flat-lay. It’s the ideal solution for capturing product arrangements: for instance, a range of anti-ageing skincare laid out and photographed on a flat surface. Once you’ve photographed all your products, you can also clip each object with just a few clicks. Then export them to separate image files and add them to a product info sheet, a database or a catalogue.

You can improve the customer experience and reassure potential buyers with 360° PackshotCreator animations of your cosmetics products (like the hemispherical animation opposite). You can also unite your team, instructors and demonstrators around a comprehensive animated showcase of your innovations and exclusives.

Discover these Packshot photo studios

Your beauty products in clear, detailed images

Respecting industry values: pure white, HD… PackshotCreator solutions help you go further. Thanks to dynamic zoom and the hyperfocus function, let website visitors see the manufacturing quality and product and packaging information in photos or animations: instructions, logos, quality marks, dermatological tests, Ph…

Hyperfocus is the ideal feature to create a perfectly clear image of multiple products. It will give your loyal customer base and future clients the opportunity to consult the INCI information for your beauty products online with ease to learn their active ingredients, allergen information, herbal extracts…

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product photography before focus stacking cosmeticswith focus stacking picture of cosmetics

Features dedicated to cosmetics & beauty

Ease of use with PackshotCreator: a testimonial by l'Oréal

Multi-brand cosmetics websites and departments in charge of internal databases regularly need to create and upload images of hundreds of items. To illustrate its research and development work, in 2013 the L’Oréal group acquired special equipment to create photos and 360° animations:

“The goal was to create an image bank of our innovations for internal use. While we didn’t have any doubts about the machine’s ability to show details and colors, we were still concerned that we might not have the skills to use it. There were no seasoned photographers among the scientists in our team. So we didn’t hesitate to go for team training that allowed us to be fully operational within two hours.” 

Arnaud Bonnamy, RA chemist, l’Oréal

Discover the solution used by l'Oréal
how to edit pictures of cosmetics on a photo editing software
tutorial on hox to use the PackshotCreator software
hoz to use the PackshotCreator software to edit cosmetics pictures
how to use the PackshotCreator software for product photography
  • how to edit pictures of cosmetics on a photo editing software
  • tutorial on hox to use the PackshotCreator software
  • hoz to use the PackshotCreator software to edit cosmetics pictures
  • how to use the PackshotCreator software for product photography
how to photograph cosmetics with PackshotCreator

How to become a cosmetics photographer?

We offer specialized training in product photography and animation for professionals in the beauty industry.

Since 2003, our cosmetic & beauty products photography specialists have trained thousands of clients, working with the latest Canon and Nikon technologies in combination with PackshotCreator photo solutions and other studio systems.
The goal is intensive practical work creating images of cosmetics and scents, in order to understand and master photo shoot basics.
You can choose between initial one-day training or a full course with specialization modules (360° animations, e-commerce, or even post-production). At the end of the training course, you will be 100% ready to employ your photo solution and become your very own product photographer.


What benefits for your beauty products?

In-house visuals of a range of cosmetics

On average, we have two-to-three collections per year, not counting last-minute assignments and high-end collections like Fabio Salsa or Star Academy. All these product lines are very expensive to shoot in terms of annual costs. We have tried to do this in-house several times but the results were unsatisfactory because none of us are photographers.

Corinne Weppe - Marketing Manager

Uses a Packshot studio

Franck Provost