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Attend our PackshotCreator webinars and discover in 30 minutes how to simplify, accelerate and customize the visual creation of all your products

Photograph your products with Orbitvu

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April and May's webinars will deal with workflow optimization for product photography. Through three different concrete customer cases, you will discover the benefits to use PackshotCreator hardware and software. Pick a date and join us!

How can you simplify, speed up and customize your product photos?

The PackshotCreator software is accessible to any user. 2D images, multi-angles or spherical animations : preview each step of the production process on your screen with the LiveView feature, save all your profiles and reapply them to products with a similar typology (camera settings, product positioning, lighting…).

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Create product images, multiviews or 360° animations on a white, transparent or custom background in just a few seconds. Take advantage of various techniques to create these visuals with the Multi-Product Capture, Multi-editing or PackshotOneClick features. Use these powerful tools to save precious time at each step of your visual production.

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Give a more realistic and sophisticated look to your product visuals by using the natural shadow feature. You can also add a colored or patterned background when creating a 360° animation of your product. Customize the presentation of a 360° view by integrating annotations, hotspots… The possibilities to differentiate yourself from the competition are endless while becoming creative!

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