LAC Paris

The PackshotCreator solution for online auction visuals

LAC Paris is the first online auction house; specialized in luxury and collection items, it produces its visuals with LuminaPad.

Modernizing auction sales

The website LAC Paris, Luxury, and Collection is the initiative of three auctioneers. Caroline Besson and Elodie Froger are specialists in fashion, jewelry, and horology.  Virginie Pillon is an expert in wine and spirits.  Their objective: innovate and modernize auction sales by relying on the online shopping boom.

On the site, products from prestigious brands intermingle: shoes from Hermès, grands crus from Burgundy, or even Buccellati golden rings.  The three auctioneers manage the expertise, shooting, and auctioning of assigned objects.

How does one bring to web users the same quality of service as a classic auction?

The problem for LAC Paris is convincing auction enthusiasts to take the leap to remote purchasing.  The goal here is to make popular the concept of e-auctions.  The advantage of this project is twofold, and resides in the fact that with the internet, LAC Paris has access to potential bidders faster and from farther away.

Recreating the universe of a genuine auction

LAC Paris wants to recreate the genuine, classic auctioning process with detailed product descriptions and accompanied by zoomable images while associating it to the practical advantages of online sales.  A minute and expert description of the object guarantees for the buyer the quality and compliance of the product at auction.  Consequently, the quality of the visuals is paramount to authenticate and highlight the objects placed on auction, without distorting the appearance of deposited items.

The solution: high definition visuals

LAC Paris chose PackshotCreator to photograph internally the products destined to be examined from every angle.  Since the launch of the site in 2010, the three auctioneers opted for the model dedicated to the creation of high definition still visuals, with the possibility of zooming in on areas of the product without losing resolution, thanks to the features of the PackshotCreator software.

The process

The image capture takes place via the PackshotCreator software.  Each photo is then entered, slightly edited, and resized using integrated editing tools.  Everything is done in a few clicks. After the shooting, the photographed lots can then be immediately returned to the safe.  The advantage of a “home studio” is undeniable.  LAC Paris was quickly able to place lots online, with three to four thematic auctions per month.  The photos, needing to be descriptive and not creative, were made by each person of the team without professional assistance.

The advantages

The site displays large, zoomable high definition photos, which enables the web surfers to examine the finest details of the product.  The objects are showcased on a white or black background, the colors are natural, the materials and textures are perfectly reproduced. Each objects is, what’s more, photographed from multiple angles.  The visuals result is thus uniform and standardized.  Being able to produce their own photos is an advantage for LAC Paris in terms of insurance and logistics: risk and cost reduction.

Focusing on other tasks

The ease of use of PackshotCreator enables the auctioneers to focus on the authentication and management of the auctions.  “The quality and realism of the proposed photographs is an additional sign of confidence for buyers who are always reluctant to purchase expensive products sold in a state that they cannot physically touch.  The PackshotCreator system is thus a key element for the proper conducting of LAC Paris auction sales.  Result of the auction for PackshotCreator: awarded, sold!

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