Get connected to the LiveStudio and take over the creation of visuals. Three complementary technologies are composing this modern studio: lighting, dongle and a software. All the production process of your photos unites speed, simplicity and saving. Complete and available to all, it is the most accessible photo shooting system of the market.

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Connected studio 1

LiveStudio a connected studio via a dongle to drive the light intensity

With a simple dongle, take over your lighting, light a spot, turn off another one without even moving. Reduce your steps and increase your photographic production. Validate with one click the lighting of your products and trigger your camera connected by USB to the PackshotCreator software.


Getting started with the software, the workflows and the treatment of the image files are all quick and efficient.

Powerful software 2

From the PackshotCreator software, control live all your studio components: modulate the power of the lighting and the settings of the camera with your mouse. With LiveView, preview the result live on your screen.


For more speed and homogeneity, memorize then re-apply each setting: the camera parameters, lighting, touch ups, file exports. For even more precision, with the LiveLight function, control from 1 to 100% the intensity of the different light sources of your studio.

A powerful software to edit photographs

Plug & play system 3

dongle connects the lighting sources to the software to drive them

Compose your photo studio as you like and according to your visual needs: 2, 4, 12 or 48 sources: a single controller handles all these sources. From 150 to 200W, the LED lights are compatible with the Bowen-S moutings. They adjust to all types of diffusors.


The LiveStudio also offers an extensive range of compatibilities with your operating systems and cameras, whether you use Mac or PC, Canon or Nikon.

Evolving system

PackshotSpin Series

With the PackshotSpin sets create ultra-precise 360° animations. The motorisation systems of Spin (step by step or precise to the degree) allow you to create ultra-realist visuals. Depending on the size and weight of your products (from jewelry to household appliances to two-wheels), PackshotCreator offers you the adapted solution.


PackshotSpin Jewelry

This turntable is specially designed to create animations of laid or hung products. Thanks to its unique gear, the visuals are smooth and the rotation of the product is uncomparable.

Software performance

Stored Custom Profiles
PackshotCreator MultiControl

From 1 to 100%, area by area, control from your screen, the intensity of the lighting on all of your products.

All your profiles (shooting, editing and exports of image files) by type of products are saved in an unlimited way. Your adjustments of position (afterimage), shooting, editing and export are savable into the library.

You have the possibility to control multiple PackshotCreator‘s studios simultaneously from the same program.

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