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“Fashion is instant language” (M. Prada), then be able to transmit any message with your visuals

photo of a belt for an online shop
examples of belt product photography
  • photo of a belt for an online shop
  • examples of belt product photography

What is the secret behind “the urge” to shop? What makes an online customer feel the need to purchase a product rather than an other, apart from taste?

We believe that the light intensity plays a role in that decision. We believe that a homogenous light rendering conveys in the simplest way, the softness of your textile, the color of your material and the satisfaction brought when worn.

Be in control of your light… you owe it to your elegant products!


See some examples of fashion products photography

Not sure if the light intensity best fits your product photography? Then observe in real time the result of your lighting manipulations on your screen and click snap whenever satisfied.

Value this user-friendly feature!

photo of a shirt in a photo studio

how to photograph fashion items

Many different, shirts, skirts, sweaters, jackets… to shoot? Then directly name your images’ file and simplify its export. It is easy, fast and automated! Facilitate the scanning process and be more productive with File Name.


Let’s see more examples of fashion products photography

If your products are comfortable when worn, prove it with 360° animations!

Is your product made out of the softest silk, the finest lace, the classiest see through textile or the purest cashmere? Let your customer discover all of these details and add so much value to your products, thanks to Hotspots.

Leave some precision details on the animation and allow the customer to click on them to obtain the information.

Hard work deserves to be recognized!

With the Product Measurement feature, allow customers to measure your fashion collection directly from your visuals. 

Creating a 360° is very simple. Not only can you define the number of pictures required for your animation, but you can also define their interactive parameters. These include the performance and rotation of the mouse, the rotation axis and inertia.

You can be in charge of the shopping experience of your customers!

Some features you could benefit from...

Curious to see examples of your own fashion and accessories collection?

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