Carry your proudness, when advertising your collections!

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This is not a bag, this is the best illustration of the bag

watermark on a briefcase picture

Be proud of your collection, be proud of your originality, be proud of your brand.

Add a watermark on your visuals to protect them from being used by counterfeiter or others. Conserve your distinction!


Let’s see some examples of leather products photography!

Do you want your products to be placed on a pure and perfect white background to promise high quality and distinction? With Highlight obtain the purest white background as the visuals blinks in black once it reached perfection.

how to photograph bags with sharpness
photo of a leather bag without hyperfocus

Do you have a new collection? Are your bags accompanied by their individual wallets or other products? Do you want to photograph them all at once?

If so, then eliminate any progressive blurry effect when photographing products on different shapeness levels.

Obtain sharp visuals and have the possibility to show every detail of your product range.

Carry your bag on the right or left shoulder: make it turn with 360° animations!

Is your product made by the finest leather, the softest fabric, or the nicest rubber? Be proud to share this kind of information by adding hotspots on your animations!

Allow your customers to click on the buttons and obtain any information you think is important to convey.

Inform your clients on the essential details!

Your products can appear in large on your customer’s screen! Let your clients click on any animation to see it on a big screen and observe the fine details of your collections.

Your animations are expendable and so are your 360° leather products animations!


See more examples of leather goods photography.

Define in advance multiple shooting angles before creating your series with Custom defined. You can choose the best angles to display your products effectively! Choose wisely…

You can be so much more productive when you are able to shoot 4 pictures at once with different angles. Click once and the software does the work for you!

Some features you could benefit from...

Curious to see examples of your own leather goods collection?

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