On your marks, get set, and make your sport products photography the best on the market!

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Examples of sport products photography: still your visuals, this is a yoga session…

how to interact products into customized background
example of sporting goods photography

Do you want to add your sports products on original backgrounds, but do not feel like manually removing the background of your still photos or 360 and 3D animations? Let AutoMask remove it for you and you will obtain your product on a transparent or white background. You are now able to place your product on any desired background!


Let’s see some examples of sport products photography!

Seems impossible to edit all your visuals at once? Well, it isn’t! With Multi-editing you are able to edit them all, in a split of a second, once you have saved the parameters.

Be productive!

Examples of sport products photography

The light is in your gym! Be in charge of it and control it as you wish, whatever light intensity best fits your product photography. Obtain the desired outcome!

Your sport products photography help to be fit, let your animations be the same, by making them spin around with 360°

Let your customers discover the extent to which your sport products are practical, safe, comfortable… Leave comments on your animation and let your customers click on the buttons and discover all the specificities and advantages of your products, thanks to Hotspots.

For example, leave comments on your bike animation and make your customers aware of the characteristics of the tires, the brakes, the frame, the lights, the weight, the chain, etc.


Check out more examples of sport products photography.

As mentioned above, you can add your visuals to any background desired. You can do the same with your animation thanks to 360° animation with background removal.

Add any animation to an original background… make your sport products look alive!

Your customers may want to know more about a specific jacket. Give them the possibility to do so with the Magnification tool.

Decide of its performance when it come to the loop or zoom option and allow your clients to inspect your products!

Some features you could benefit from...

Curious to see examples of your own sport collection?

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