Ann Tuil

An automated studio: ideal for photo shooting at Ann Tuil

Ann Tuil deals in feminine, glamorous, and urban creations

Ann Tuil is a brand specializing in luxury footwear brands, such as Marc Jacobs, Sergio Rossi, and Chloé. The brand can be found in prestigious points of sale, such as 63, avenue des Champs-Elysées. Clairvoyant regarding future trends, Ann Tuil created her own brand, with feminine, glamorous, and “urban” collections and masculine, chic, and classy models. In December 2011, Ann Tuil opened her own online store at

A photo solution to address issues and challenges

“With a catalogue of more than 300 pairs of shoes each season, the online Ann Tuil store must be constantly updated. With the PackshotCreator solution, we can shoot our models in-house incrementally, which enables us to avoid the rush of the launch of new collections”, explains Julien Tuil, Executive Director.

For flawless quality

As a part of the launch of its e-commerce site, Ann Tuil must fend off the eternal controversy of “Online sales distort the unique character of products. Luxury has no place in e-commerce”. The online sales site of Ann Tuil must be able to keep up with the requirements of the industry. The product visuals must be truer than nature, highlight quality, details, and materials…

Convinced by a demonstration

A demonstration of the PackshotCreator solution was enough to convince the brand to use it for the production of its shoe visuals. Everything is done in-house. The ergonomics and the simplicity of the software, which makes it possible to create its photos and integrate them quickly onto the site dedicated to online commerce, was decisive.

360° shootings

In order to display the product from all angles, Ann Tuil chose to make a selection of 4 or 5 photos per model for the set of visuals generated by the PackshotCreator solution, thanks to the integrated rotating plate.

Quantity, quality, and savings

“The PackshotCreator solution fully meets our objectives at Ann Tuil”, says Julien Tuil. The production of a significant quantity of visuals, as well as the guarantee of quality worthy of the luxury industry, are major challenges. In terms of quality, PackshotCreator is the ideal solution, as the visuals reveal the quality of materials and textures of products presented online, but also their finishing and colors. The rendering is perfectly uniform for all visuals. “The investment already paid for itself in terms of time saved by making in-house visuals, and just as soon as sales are generated by the site.”, concludes Julien Tuil.

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