PackshotSpin Series

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The PackshotSpin is no longer available. As a replacement, we offer the Orbitvu G2 360° turntables.
SKU: CREAS-PC360-18.01

PackshotSpin O3T
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 10,5 cm
Weight: 2,7 kg
Diameter: 40 cm


Maximum weight: 11 kg

Our automation serving your creativity

Boost your productivity with this 360 photography turntable: from your screen, control the rotation and so the positioning of your products. Fixed photos, multi-angled series, 360° animations and video: once the product is positioned, no manipulation is necessary.

The program memorizes the whole of the adjustments: desired angles for shootings of every type of object, number of chosen images for each 360° animations, direction and rotation speed, lighting (if it’s combined with the light studio), file export formats…

Everything is adjustable for automatizing your production flows!

Robusts and balanced 360° systems

With more than 10 years of expertise, PackshotCreator has known how to, during the years, analyze and understand the needs of its users. It builds trustworthy photography turntables with a unique resistance in the products photography market.


The 360 photography turntable synchronizes perfectly with cameras.


Its engine is bypassed and coupled with a copyrighted lifting system with pulleys and belts, creating a high precision. It ensures to realize 360° images per animation. Its gravity center, lowered to its maximum, ensures precise rotations, continuous and uniform, whichever the mass distribution of your products (eyewear, jewelry or even furniture).

360 reasons to integrate it to your photo studio

The PackshotSpin XL photography turntable can rotate products until 3m large
  • The PackshotSpin XL photography turntable can rotate products until 3m large

The PackshotSpin 360 photography turntable is adaptable to every type of installed device. Combine, for example, a pre-existing lighting system studio and your camera and its settings with the system. From your camera’s trigger, launch and then control the table, simultaneously, without going through the software with the shutter release.

Evolving system


This studio consists of three technologies that can be combined with PackshotSpin: lighting, a control box and a software. This way, at your wishes and according to your visual needs, compose your studio: 2, 4 or 12 sources: a single box controls them.

PackshotMini Mark II

Lighting system and 2D photography with LEDs of 5600°K color temperature, with a backlit background to create visuals of small products, with their background removed easily!

PackshotOne Mark II

This photo studio with its interior volume of 702 cm3 is ideal for shooting large products. Its creativity/productivity/size ratio, is an unmatched success vector for all your 360° photo shootings and animations.

LuminaPad+ Mark II

Create clothing and accessories visuals by benefiting from two shooting modes. The flat shot is taken on a large backlit table for fashion photography. The fixed, multi-angle and 360 shot in range mode is realized on a backlit background to which are added four LED panels.

PackshotSphere X5

Designed to shoot 5 angles in one click, combined this automated arm to the PackshotSpin to realize multi-views of your products easily and quickly.

Software performance

But also...
PackshotCreator Photo Compatibility
Smart Storage SaaSPhoto
Multi-Core Friendly
Dual Screen
Auto PNG & BKG Recovery
360° Interactive Animations
Smart background removal 360° AutoPNG & BKG

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